Mobile Based Destination Arrival Alerts is now available o­n IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) / Agent Assistance /SMS through 139. This facility is for the Rail Passengers to set an alert/pre-information call before the train reaches their destination.

Destination Alert Call o­n IVR 139

The user can select option for “Destination Alert” call o­n IVR and enter the PNR number.

After confirmation from the user, the system checks for PNR validity, picks up destination station and sets up the “Destination Alert” call o­n the user’s mobile number for Destination Station Name.

Destination Alert Call through Agent Assistance

Customer will get an option to talk to agent as per standard 139 call transfer procedure from IVR to call center, agent will set “Destination Alert” call as per customers need.

Destination Alert  Alarm/ Call through SMS o­n 139

The user has to send SMS request as – ALERT . By default alarm/wake-up call shall be set o­n sender mobile number for destination station as per PNR. The user will get a reply SMS stating all the details pertaining to the destination alert call set o­n the mobile.

SPOT your Train

The user has to send SMS request as – SPOT or LOCATE < Train Number>.

The charges applicable are same as for calling “139”.


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New Features added to Rail Sampark ‘139’

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