TTEs to perform duties as per rules without fear or pressure

Recent cases of TTEs being blamed and later being involved in Legal wrangles for acts done during the course of duty have come to the notice of East Coast Railway. Recent news reports have highlighted arrest of two TTEs for alleged assault o­n two students at Bhubaneswar.

The factual position of the subject is that the two TTEs were checking ticket at Bhubaneswar. While doing so, they caught hold of o­ne person about 40 years of age supposed to be traveling in Puri-Cuttack passenger train who did not have ticket. The said person argued that he was not travelling by the train and had come to receive someone. When asked to produce platform tickets, he could not. Therefore, he was asked to pay fine and applicable fees amounting to Rs. 260/-. At that time o­ne student intervened in the matter and argued that there is no reason why the said person should pay Rs. 260/-. TTEs o­n duty enquired about the travel authority of the said student who could also not produce the same. He argued that the ticket was with his friend who was inside the train. While he was asked to get the ticket, the train started to move. The said student shouted and waved at his friend in the train to come and produce the ticket. His friend jumped in a hurry and got injured. After that the students went to the GRP Thana and filed FIR alleging that they have been assaulted by the said two TTEs. The two TTEs were sent to the SDJM Court where they have got bail. The matter is sub-judice.

It is clarified that these two TTEs are the best among the ticket checking staff and working in Chief Commercial Manager’s Ticket Checking squad. They are trained to be polite, efficient and exemplary. They work in the name of Chief Commercial Manager and they understand their responsibilities. What has come up in Newspapers and electronic media is not o­nly damaging the spirit of the said two staff but also to the image of East Coast Railway as a whole.

East Coast Railway, while exhorting all ticket-checking staff to perform duties diligently and fearlessly, have however advised their staff to act tactfully while dealing with ladies and senior citizens. East Coast Railway have sought the cooperation of all passengers in this exercise.

Press Released by ECR

TTEs to perform duties as per rules without fear or pressure
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