Train Cancel Due to derailment of goods train between Karjat and Lonavala on 1.7.2019

Press Released Due to derailment of goods train between Jambrung and Thakurwadi o­n ghat section between Karjat and Lonavala, the train running pattern will be as under:

Trains cancelled o­n 1.7.2019

22105 CSMT-Pune Indrayani Express

12127 CSMT-Pune Intercity Express

11007 CSMT-Pune Deccan Express

11029 CSMT-Kolhapur Koyna Express cancelled between CSMT and Pune

11025 Bhusaval-Pune Express short terminated at Nasik Road and cancelled

11026 Pune-Bhusaval Express

51318 Pune-Panvel Passenger

51317 Panvel-Pune Passenger

12124 Pune-CSMT Deccan Queen

12126 Pune-CSMT Pragati Express

Train Diverted via Kalyan-Igatpuri-Manmad o­n 1.7.2019

11301 CSMT-KSR Bengaluru Udyan Express JCO 1.7.2019

11049 Ahmedabad-Kolhapur Express JCO 30.6.2019

12297 Ahmedabad-Pune Duranto Express JCO 30.6.2019

22944 Indore-Pune Express JCO 30.6.2019

Short terminated trains

20822 Santragachi-Pune Humsafar Express short terminated at Panvel

17614 Huzur Sahib Nanded-Panvel Express JCO 30.6.2019 short terminated at Pune

17613 Panvel-Huzur Sahib Nanded Express JCO 1.7.2019 will originate from Pune

11030 Kolhapur-CSMT Koyna Express JCO 1.7.2019 will short terminate at Pune and will work as 11029 CSMT-Kolhapur Express JCO 1.7.2019 from Pune

Train Cancel Due to derailment of goods train

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