Railway Boarding Point Provide any Facility to Passengers

Yes Boarding Point provide Some Benefit to Railway Passengers, From this post I try to Share about Boarding Point Value in Indian Railway. For any Query you may Send Comment.

You Know What is Boarding point?

Boarding Point is a place from where you board a Train, you can make reservation from a longer distance station but you can choose another boarding point too.

Example: You Booked Ticket from BDTS (Bandra Terminus) upto Lucknow. But due to some reason you can also catch train from Surat without any seat cancellation fears for that there is Option of Boarding.

Why you need to Change Boarding Point?  or

Is Boarding Point Provide any Benefit to Passengers?

On more Important Reason to Change Boarding Station Is as long journey train set with Quota Reservation.

Example: You want to Booked Ticket for Train No 19061 from Surat to Lucknow, But there is PQ waiting list from Surat. Due to Quota Set from BTDS,BVI I checked from Borivali to Lucknow seat available. For taking this kind of Seat Booking I need to Change my Boarding to Surat and Booked Ticket From Borivali to Lucknow.

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Note: User Can Post Comments if want to solve of any Issues regarding Boarding Points.

Railway Boarding Point Provide any Facility to Passengers

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