Inside The Swanky Pod Rooms At Mumbai Central Railway Station

Pod Rooms At Mumbai Central Railway Station

The Ministry of Railways has shared a brief look at the new case rooms that were introduced at Mumbai Central rail route station today. The unit idea resigning rooms will give top notch solace to explorers at reasonable rates.

As per a Hindustan Times report, travelers can book the unit inn for 12 and 24 hours for ₹ 999 and ₹ 1,999 separately. A private unit will cost ₹ 1,249 for 12 hours and ₹ 2,499 for 24 hours.

IRCTC is presenting a way breaking and special idea in Hospitality Services to the regarded travelers of Indian Railways by dispatching of POD idea Retiring Rooms at Mumbai Central Railway Station in relationship with Urban Pod Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. The idea is special in its own specific manner due to different never seen before highlights.

What is a Pod Hotel?

A case inn, additionally prominently known as a Pod inn, was first evolved in Japan, which includes countless little bed-sized rooms known as cases. Case inns give reasonable, fundamental over night convenience for visitors who don’t need or who can’t manage the cost of bigger, more costly rooms presented by the traditional lodgings.

The one of a kind office at Mumbai Central station comprises of an absolute Pod stock of 48, containing 3 classifications, specifically 30 Classic Pods, 7 Ladies in particular, 10 Private Pods and One for Differently Abled too. While the Classic Pods and Ladies just Pods will easily fit One visitor, the Private Pod will likewise include a private space inside the room, though the Room for Differently abled will serenely fit 2 visitors with space with the expectation of complimentary development of Wheelchair. The traveler can profit all advanced offices at relatively less expensive rates.

Pod Rooms At Mumbai Central Railway Station All you need to know
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