No one boarded the train without taking selfies Rani Kamlapati Railway Station

The a-list offices like lift, lift, appropriate space and beautification with clean climate started at Rani Kamlapati Railway Station prior known as Habibganj. On Tuesday, many individuals were seen taking selfies and recordings of the rail line station after entrance. On the initiation day on Monday, general individuals were not permitted on stage 1 for wellbeing issues of the Prime Minister. On Tuesday when individuals entered to the station they were nearly shocked to see the scene. Nobody boarded the train without taking selfies. Indeed, even online media destinations hummed with photos of the rail route station and local people gloat off the offices in their city.

Habibganj railway station will be now known as Rani Kamalapati Railway station.

he station has neat and clean retiring room, dormitory, VIP lounge and other various facilities. The station will have grand entrance, food cafeteria, waiting lounge, modern toilets, world class interiors, LED lights, waste water treatment plant, sitting arrangement, exit, interiors, five star hotel, concourse area etc. A commercial building has also been constructed to provide head to toe facility to the passengers. Apart from hospital, saloon, hotel and restaurants, there will be all kind of shops for the passengers. The passengers would soon get the facility of escalator, lift and travelator and other airport like facilities at the station.

No one boarded the train without taking selfies Rani Kamlapati Railway Station

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