Nellore Railway Station Redeveloped Rs 100 Crore Passed estimated cost of this project which will be executed jointly by Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) and National Buildings Construction Company Ltd (NBCC).

As per Press released Below are the Salient features and objectives of Redevelopment of Nellore Station

Elegant structural design taking into consideration structure safety and stability, aesthetics conceived by architect, constructability, ease of maintenance and durability.

An iconic structure with modern state-of-the art-facilities. Integrating both sides of the city i.e., entry and exit on both sides of the station.

Additional facilities like retail stores, shopping, hospitality, food-court etc.

Spacious circulating area and sufficient provision for drop off, pick up and parking along with congestion free non-conflicting entry/exit to the station premises.

Green buildings with optimum use of natural ventilation & lighting.

User friendly international signage boards understandable by all sections of the society. Multilingual digital signage along with Braille script wherever feasible.

All essential facilities at concourse like catering, small retails, wash rooms, cloak rooms, drinking water, ATM, Pharmacy, Internet etc.

Integration with other modes of public/ private transport systems e.g. Bus, Taxi, Auto-rickshaw etc.

Implementation of all the applicable fire & life safety standards like advanced features in Fire alarm and detection system, security system like CCTV cameras, Integrating intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance etc., will be ensured.

An earmarked space for establishing exhibition gallery, which can be given on lease to artists and agencies.

Stalls/retail kiosks for sale of local crafts/arts/products will be established to improve local art & culture.

As per norms, all the facilities for Divyangjan like exclusive parking, rest room, ramp, drinking water, toilets etc will be provided.

Efficient water supply system.

In addition, excellent sewage system including waste water treatment plant, soiled, waste and rain water disposal etc., will be implemented.

Nellore Railway Station Redeveloped Rs 100 Crore Passed

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