“If everything goes as per the plan, then I am confident that the light metro rail system will commence its operations in Indore and Bhopal before 2018, which will be the first such project in the country,” Vijaywargiya told reporters.

The light metro services will then be introduced in Jabalpur and Gwalior to meet the growing demand of a viable public transport system, the Urban Administration and Development Minister said.

According to him, Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for the first phase of the Indore and Bhopal projects are currently being prepared, while pre-feasibility studies are being conducted for Jabalpur and Gwalior projects.


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Source Page: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/light-metro-rail-in-indore-bhopal-likely-before-2018-madhya-pradesh-minister-635991?curl=1418823105

Metro rail system in Indore and Bhopal cities
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