Laptop thief was apprehended by train escorting of RPF

A Lap Top thief was apprehended by train escorting staff of Railway Protection Force  while o­n escort duty o­n Tr. No.11401 Mumbai CST-Nagpur Nandigram Express o­n 18.03.2015. Shri P.N.Jandhle, Head Constable with two other RPF Constables was patrolling  through the coaches of this train in the midnight. At about 01.15 am, while the train was approaching Jalna station o­n Aurangabad-Nanded section o­n Nanded Division of SCR,  he spotted a  person suspiciously moving  B-1 Coach of the train and apprehended him.

On enquiry, it was found that, he stole o­ne Laptop and  Rs. 50,000/- belonging to the passenger travelling in berth no.15 and o­ne Mobile Phone and Rs. 2000/- from another passenger travelling in berth no.16 of B-1 Coach.

The RPF escorting staff handed over the offender along with stolen property to Government Railway Police at Nanded Station. A case has been registered against the thief and under investigation.

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Laptop thief was apprehended by train escorting of RPF
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