Know your Mumbai Suburban Rail System Network Complete details with Map

Mumbai Suburban Section of Western Railway has been assuming the most significant part of moving millions in the Metropolitan areas.

Western Railway rural trains cover practically the distance up to moon in o­ne week.

The rural part of Western Railway in Mumbai stretches out from Churchgate, the city’s business community to Dahanu Road covering a distance of 123 Kms. also, 36 stations.

The essential electric train o­n this fragment was introduced in 1928 among Colaba and Andheri, starting then and into the foreseeable future the association has been extensively expanded with 1305 organizations running and conveying around 35 lakh laborers reliably basically relentless. The explorer thickness o­n Western Railway is 60,000 voyagers for each km every day which is generally raised among all the fundamental Metro Railways of the world.

Know your Mumbai Suburban Rail System

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