An Improvised Explosive Device weighing about 6 kgs was recovered from a General Second Class coach of the 15471 Alipurduar Jn – Kamakhya Intercity Express today.The train, o­n entering Kendukana station in Kamrup District of Assam at about 10:55 AM was detained when, in course of a special ticket checking drive by a team led by a Railway Officer, a suspicious object was detected in the corridor near the toilet of the coach which was the fourth from the train engine. The train was detained at Kendukana and the Police and RPF rushed to the spot. o­n being checked by a sniffer dog, it was confirmed that the object was an explosive and it was taken to a safe spot o­n the platform and kept covered with bomb blankets. Finally the IED was removed from the platform area by the army with the help of a remotely operated vehicle to a nearby safer place and defused t around 4:15 PM.The Intercity Express had left Kendukana at 12:15 PM.


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IED was removed from the platform area by the army
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