Eastern Railway Achieves 100% Electrification

In a significant accomplishment, the Eastern Railway has raised a ruckus around town of 100 percent charge of its 2,848 km long rail organization. The Zonal Railways accomplished this achievement with the finish of the last piece of work in the 41 km long Hansdiha-Godda segment.

The Hansdiha-Godda area has 41 kilometers of rail track and 32 kilometers by the course. The speed of 103 kmph was tried by CRS on this segment while the ongoing sectional speed of this part is 90 kmph.

With the fruitful finishing of the CRS review of this part, Eastern Railway has changed over its whole 2848 kms into an electric course. This will acquire a significant station of Godda the electric guide of Indian Railways. The Indian Railways has chosen to go carbon impartial by 2030 through the charge of rail lines the nation over to decrease the carbon impression produced through rail lines. The finish of zap of the 2848 km of stretch is an enormous advance forward like that.

Eastern Railway Achieves 100% Electrification
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