17 Mumbai Ahmedabad Special Trains started 1st June list available here.


जो स्पेशल ट्रेन 1 जून से चलाई जा रही हैं उनमें से 17 जोड़े अहमदाबाद और मुंबई के बीच चलेगी और साथ ही दूसरे शहरों को भी यह मूलतः वही ट्रेनें हैं जो पहले जलाए जाते थे.

Special train includded Tapti Ganga Express Karnavati Express Golden temple Suryanagari Paschim Express Bandra Ghazipur Express Sabarmati Express Avadh Express Gujarat Sampark Kranti.

Train No. From To Train Name
02933/02934 Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Karnavati Express
02955/02956 Mumbai Central Jaipur MMCT Jaipur Express
02903/02904 Mumbai Central Amritsar Golden Temple Mail
02479/02478 Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Suryanagri Express
02925/02926 Bandra Terminus Amritsar Paschim Express
09041/09042 Bandra Terminus Ghazipur BDTS Ghazipur Express
09045/09046 Surat Chhapra Tapti Ganga Express
02833/02834 Ahmedabad Howrah ADI Howrah Express
09165/09166 Ahmedabad Darbhanga Sabarmati Express
09167/09168 Ahmedabad Varanasi Sabarmati Express
02947/02948 Ahmedabad Patna Azimabad Express
02915/02916 Ahmedabad Delhi Ashram Express
09083/09084 Ahmedabad Muzaffarpur Special Train Via Surat
09089/09090 Ahmedabad Gorakhpur Special Train Via Surat
09037/09038 Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur Avadh Express
09039/09040 Bandra Terminus Muzaffarpur Avadh Express
02917/02918 Ahmedabad H. Nizamuddin Gujarat Sampark Kranti

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Booking of Tickets & Charting:

1.Only o­nline e-ticketing will be done through the IRCTC website or through its mobile app. No tickets to be booked across PRS counters o­n any railway station.

2.The ARP (Advance Reservation Period) shall be maximum 30 days.

3.RAC and Wait List will be generated as per extant rules, however waitlist ticket holders will not be permitted to board the train.

4.No UTS tickets will be issued. No tatkal & premium tatkal booking shall be permitted.

5.First chart to be prepared at least 4 hours before scheduled departure and second chart will be prepared at least 2 hours before scheduled departure. o­nly o­nline current booking shall be permitted in between first and second chart preparation.

6.Only passengers with Confirmed tickets will be allowed to enter the railway station.

7.All passengers will be compulsorily thermal screened and o­nly asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to enter/board the train.

8.All passengers must wear face covers/masks at entry and during travel.

9.All passengers should reach station at least 90 mins. in advance to facilitate thermal screening at station.

10.All passengers should observe social distancing both at station & o­n trains.

11.On arrival at destination, passengers must adhere to health protocols as prescribed by the destination state/UT.

17 Mumbai Ahmedabad Special Trains started 1st June
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