16502 Yesvantpur-Ahmedabad Weekly express Train

Western Railway has advised that consequent to increase in frequency of Train No. 19312/19311 Indore-Pune Express from 4 to 5 days in a week, there is revision in timings of Train No.16502 Yesvantpur-Ahmedabad Weekly Express between Surat and Geratpur stations, which came into effect from 01st March, 2015.The old timings, are indicated in the bracket.

Accordingly, Train No. 16502 Yesvantpur-Ahmedabad Weekly Express arrives/departs at 23-27/23-32 hrs. instead of 23-15/23-20 hrs.; Ankaleshwar at 00-88/00-10 hrs.(23-56/23-58); Vadodara at 01-23/01-28 hrs. (01-05/01-10); Anand at 02-03/02-05 hrs. (01-42/01-44); depart at Geratpur at 03-00 hrs.(02-40)and arrive at Ahmedabad at 03-45 hrs. (No change in the timing).

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16502 Yesvantpur-Ahmedabad Weekly express Train

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