Understand Indian Railway Helpline Numbers 182,1322 etc

Understand Indian Railway Helpline Numbers 182,1322 etc

Toll security helpline number, 1800-111-322 and 182:  provide speedy assistance to passengers in the event of thefts, harassment, pick pocketing or other criminal incidents on rail premises.

User Reviews: This Toll Free Security Helpline very Useful, Railway Police Response Very Fast after Call on this number. One of the Best Service Helpline number of Indian railway.

Tweeter: You can Tweet to Direct Rail Ministry for Any kind of Journey Relevant complaint like Safety,Police,Medical Electricity,Corruption, Safety, Over Prices, Bed Food etc. But must once try with 138 or 182 if not solved then send your tweet with PNR, Contact details and Compliant details to @RailMin through Tweeter Account

Toll Free Customer helpline number 138: The helpline will address complaints relating to cleanliness, food and catering, coach maintenance, medical emergency, linen etc.

User Review: Once you Dial 138 they will surely attend your complained very short periods User use this number for AC Failure, Uncleaned Seats etc time and they solve within 30 Minutes.

Toll Free telephone No. 1800-111-139 or/and  1800-111-321: for the convenience of railway users to suggest/grievances relating to catering services (Overcharging, Food Price, Less Quality etc) on Indian Railways. The facility is available 24×7 on this number and railway passengers can register their complaints/suggestions regarding food and catering services. Wherever possible, action is taken on real time basis for redressal of their grievances.

Railway Enquiry Customer Care Number  139 (Chargeable):  For PNR enquiry, Accommodation availability, Fare enquiry, Current train running position, IRCTC relevant information, Also Get information by SMS .

Note: All Railway Passenger in Any situation Dial 182 Toll Free RPF Helpline. As per Users review they provide help quickly including medical help.

If Any problem with 182 Number, Please Immediately send Tweet to Rail Ministry through your tweeter Account this one of the best Option for getting quick help.

For Getting help Must Mention your PNR and Contact Number with Details description.

Wish you Happy and Safe Journey.

Remarks: Users Need to Comment his/her experience with above toll free numbers. Let’s Share Experience and Help  Make Railway Batter.


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      • In emergency or if want to register any complaint , it takes a long time to respond for on call executive.
        I had an incident, where i tried calling 182 to Register a complaint but it took me forever to connect to the executive , finally i disconnected the call
        No solution

  2. Respectfully sir/Mam. I have to go Delhi from Bhatinda to Delhi. and I have reservation upto Delhi. but T.T has taken money as a fine because I don’t have any platform ticket but I have reservation.. He took 350 rupees as a fine. I’m a student. I don’t have money. I told him I have reservation.
    plz help me

    • Are you sure you show ticket with valid ID to TT. If yes than you may filed complaint against TT on Web portal/Helpline Number/Station Master.

  3. I was accessing 138 to get a medical help for my wife travelling to Rourkela by train NO 12375 on 6 th September (Now she is on board) She is having serious chest pain. Can u help ?

  4. hi,
    my father is travelling in Seemanchal express from allahabad to delhi, the train is 2-3 hours late. i just spoke he said there is no electricity in the coach no. S4, and no water in the toilets. the water bottle provided by pantry doesn’t have any stamp of price or date. they are charging whatever they want. i am really worried. none of the number of inquiry/helpline is working , no one picks call on tollfree. completely clueless? i am feeling so helpless??

    • Not Possible that no One Take Call on Toll Free Numbers. Catering Complaint Toll Free: For any complaint(s), passengers may call on toll free no.1800111321.

  5. Sir i have submitted all docments to palkada division for ID card two month ba ck but till date i have not received iam disabled person cell no 9880168573

  6. Dear sir/madam
    I have to take an old TV from Delhi to darbhanga. It is of 16″. Can you please tell me the charges of booking.

  7. 139 is a railway enquiry 24×7 but sorry to say we don’t get the result only just a waste of our money they charge 2Rs per minute ,advertisement and other take more then 1 min thenthe customer executive take and puts the call on hold not even speaking a single word,them how come you say it as railway enquiry no this service can be called as money waste enquiry.Thanks.John .njohnsmc@yahoo.co.in.co in

    • For Which kind of Enquiry you are calling to the 139. It mostly 80% working on IVRS. Knowing me the subject that i can give you the another direct number.

  8. hyee The train no. 12510 GHY SBC express was supposed to reach SBC by today 11.50 am (17.11.2015) but till now no updates, no one is there to give any proper assistance even. called in toll free no. no one is there to pick the call even, bleady shit indian railways worst service.

    Had been to SBC station and Krishnarajpuram station to ask for updates but none of them are aware even, they simply show attitude and no response from the. What;s wrong with these SHITT employees, they are here to assist us.. My cousin is travelling in the train and thre is no food no water in the train and no body is even giving updates that by which time they can reach bangalore.

    Izz thre any one wo can assist me here. TT from the train is vanished, no guards even.

  9. My wife and 9 yr old son is travelling by Sewagram express and going to Nagpur.My son got very high fever. They are now at Shegaon. She called 138 helpline number… The answer was quite hopefully and positive… Hoping to get medical assistance till Akola which is now half an hours away…..

    • Please Update that You will Get Help or not……….. Call again between 15-20 Minutes Till you not get Required Help/Confirmed Reply…..

      Thank you

    • You need to contact nearest Indian Railway Ticket Counter with your Valid ID Proof,

      As per rules you have to pay Upto 25% of ticket charge before chart prepared…

    • Yes It’s True, Indian Railway working on this issue Strictly, As we know many time they raid many places like station/agents and Shops

      • Dear sir, I am a frequent traveller of Indian railways for last 15 years. Especially Pune Lucknow route. In Pune, there are many brokers and agents who book window tickets in sleeper class on the very first day as reservation opens up with fake names and age. And they sell these tickets with a very high prices sometimes 2000-2500 for sleeper class ticket for festivals and summer vacation periods. I do not know how much money such agents charge for higher classes. I came to know accidentally about this while talking to a passenger who was travelling with such ticket. Since there is no compulsion of ID proof check for Sleeper class tickets, these agents book ticket on fake names. I feel if ID proof becomes compulsory for all types of reserved tickets taken from window, this kind of fake ticketing can be completely stopped and valid people will get ticket. Moreover, the TTE should be instructed to compulsorily check the ID proof of each and every reserved passenger, which they usually don’t do. I recently travelled from Lucknow to Pune on 29th May 2016, and I observed that the TTE did not ask for ID proof from each and every passenger. I would like to request the authorities to look into this matter. Thanks and regards,
        Ambrish Rathore

        • Thank you for his Update, The ID compulsory for all reserved class also many steps taking against the Fake name Ticket sellers. There is Toll Free Number 182 RPF Security you may Dial it any time for do complaints. Also you may send Tweet to Rail Ministry ion both Option you will get Quick Reply.

  10. my wife is in train 02509 now and needs medical assistance. Called 138 but it does not work. Any othre no or way to provide her medicine urgently.

  11. Dialed 138 for medical assistance while travelling in train…. Doctor visited my berth with his medical kit on next railway station which was extremely helpful & supportive….

    • Always Happy to Read this kind of Comments, many times i got comments that 138 Unable to Reach Etc.

      This kind of comments also increased the confidence of Railway Users, We hope Railway will provide more batter and best help to the passengers, Keep Comments….

  12. Sir I have submitted all my documents in Delhi for handicapped Id in July 2015 but till the date I have not received any id. Where I have to contact?? My contact no 8505856885 and mail- g90krishan@gmail.com

    • Contact D.R.M. Office along with all the relevant documents viz. Concession Certificate, Photo Identity proof, Date of Birth proof, Address proof and two passport size photographs either in person or by post for issuing Railway Photo Identity card by submitting one set of attested photocopies (self attested) of the said documents.

  13. Dear sir,

    I am trVelling in krishak express from varanasi city to gorakhpur in s5 55 no seat, but my seat has been occipied by other person who is very aggresive and tring to fight so pls help me

  14. Sir, I am to travel today on train Num 15712- A1-23, I have lost my purse with all my identity cards, I HV lodged an f.I.R with local police station ,and have a copy with me, I HV my ticket details in my mobile, will I be able to travel without my original identity card.

  15. Sir, I have a train 22401 from Sarai Rohilla to Udhampur on 27th feb. Due to problems in Haryana, trains are cancelled and there was no movement in that sector, but yesterday few trains were on run. Can you advise me that will train no. 22401 will run on saturday or stands cancel. How can we check. Please advise as i am coming to delhi from Pune.

  16. 1800111321 Number is n working. Expected by indian railways thwy are hopeless. If persone need any security he is not suppose to be reliable on indian railway. Chadarchorrrr

    • This Complaint Number for Catering Complain. Now from Last Year Dial 138 Toll Free Number for Cleanness/Catering Complaints.

      For Security Matter Dial 182 it’s also Toll Free.

      Before Dial Keep Ready PNR Number they provide you best and Quick Help……..

  17. My mother in law is travelling in Secunderabad darbhanga express train no_17007. Her number is swithched off.we are very much worried about her.is there any way to know about her well being or contact her.plz help .

    • Please Dial 182 for security Help it’s toll free RPF Helpline, They will Provide you best Suggestion as well as Help. Dial Right Now.

  18. Sir i am travelling in seat no B1,32 ac3 Tier from semapur to sealdah(hatabazara express) i had told the ac coach boy that the ac is not working 2to3 Times but he dont give me a positive answer and i have also called In 138 half an hour ago ,still now tha ac is not working

    • Great, Thank you for Sharing.

      And if Possible Please Share this Great Journey Experience with us, We want to Published it with your name that other can learn and doing the same. (Click on Submit Post)

      India Needs this kind of Positive thoughts, Let’s make Railway Batter after all it’s our Railway.

  19. I dialed 138 at 1030h they told me they will cont with TT of ac couch & will cont on my no 9739478854.but still no one cont me

    • Hope Everything was OK as I am giving Late Reply to your Comment.

      As you told you already Dial 138, as they told you they will contact you on your given mobile number. After Some 10 minutes Retry on Same Number for Update.

      Also For this kind of Problem Railway 182 Security Helpline 24hrs working RPF Helpline Number, Once you dialed this number the matter forwarded to on Board Train Security Guards informed.

  20. I want to help because many people come to handi cap bogi and he miss behaviour and his say to I am army So I will not go

  21. Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly help us to get Lower Berth for my Mother & Mother-in-law as they both are +60 years against PNR No-864550GBIH. I have selected lower berth option at the time of booking through IRCTC but get Middle & Upper Berth. Regards, Goutam Das Gupta

    • Still in Confirmed status and you will get seat number only after chart finalized. How you know that they not get Lower Birth.

      • Travelling intrain no. 15654 and coach no. 15404 full GS coach is reserved my me, bt all four toilets r blocked since we hv started journey from last night from source stn. i. e. Jammu. Matter is reported thrice on 138, ur men reported at moradabd stn. Bt issue couldnot be resolved. Rqst u to tk action as my boys r suffering since last night…

        • Sir Please Re-complained to 138 and again remainder them for that….If Still not solved Please Put your details on Rail Ministry Tweeter Account immediately ……

    • May be Due to Network Problems, As the both line working 24 Hours. Also you may Send tweet to @RailMin with your details for quick response.

      • Dear sir/mam I am serving in indian army I get 1 cv warrant and get a ticket sdah to ndls duranto exp date 07 mar 2016 but I modifird my date 04 mar 2016.
        Then I want to modified my date 11 mar 2016 it is possible ?
        Please help me!

  22. I am booked 3 tickets from porbandar to rourkela on porbandar hawra superfast express but due to some reason I catch the train on rajkote station but sorry to inform you that my seats are sell by tte at that time (in between 2 hour)
    I didn’t expect this behaviour from tte and now I am seating on ground
    Please give me solution what can I do in this situation
    My email address:keonjhargarh@gmail.com

  23. Hi,

    I have travelled last friday(08th Apr’16) from Hosur to Pondicherry in YPR-PDY Express(16573).In the Sleeper coach around 15 peoples chat and talk upto 4 clk and they didn’t switch off the lights.This was disturb all the Co passengers.Pls let us know what is rules need to follow while travelling in sleeper coach especially at night time.
    Also let me know that 15 peoples activity is right?This many things happen but there is no response from RPF as well as TTR against them..


  24. i am deepu now traveling in trian avada sam expreess now trian is standing in chapra my just opposite site one lady is pagnent very bad condition thise lady given u rescuse help

    • Friend this is time for Send help to her. As you internet user you know some basic toll free Security help number like 138,182,1098,108 etc any number you can dial and told them to help her.

  25. i will be travelling with my family on train 22451/CDG SUP FAST ON 0 5MAY 16 and i have booked my tickets up to Ambala Cant now we have change of Plan and wish to travel to Chandigarh with same train is their any way we can extant over ticket upto chandigarh

    • Yes, Indian Railways allow extension of journey. This can be
      done by approaching the ticket checking staff either before
      reaching your destination or after completion of booked journey.
      The fare for the extended portion of the journey will be collected
      without the benefit of telescopic rates.

      Best of Luck…

      • my father is travelling from deoria sadar (DEOS) to new jalpaiguri(NJP) . a rude person has occupied his seat and not allowing to him to sit there.. my father has seat in s8 56.
        plz help me…

  26. Kindly check all the water taps .I found damage water tap in mandya platform date 19-04-2014 time 8:05 am

  27. Sir, is there any help line no for complain against reservation booking clerks or staff. If yes kindly provide me. And if there is no such no kindly advise me how can I Lodge complain against them.

  28. Respectfully sir/madam.I have reserved two tickets on the day 16/4/16 for the return of our journey from thiruvananthapuram to Kozhikode for the day 17/4/16 in the thiruvananthapuram railway station.But the officer in the reservation counter had reserved tickets for 16/4/16 in the maveli express at the time 7:20pm instead for the day 17/4/16 at 7:20pm.We including 7 members consisting of children fed up that day due to the mistake written in the ticket by the officer.Due to this,we had to call KSRTC bus and continued our journey.We had beared more expense,losed our sleep and wasted our precious time even.So please kindly take proper action towards this regard of the problems we had faced.We are waiting for your reply…

    • Please File Your Complaint Online Click Here

      For Next time Please check you Ticket Carefully Just after booking, that it can be re-correct immediately without any charge if mistake done by Counter Staff.

  29. I want to that my ticket can be confirmed or not . my train no 12295 doj 28/4/16 my reservation is from Chennai to patna . at 3..pm but chart is prepared . my pnr no is 4419238735 . this itrain is staring from bangalore so tell me . when will prepared chart for Chennai passengers .

  30. Hiiii,
    I have a query regarding a ticket
    I have a counter reservation ticket and i have to send these ticke to different state socan i send a xerox copy of counter reservation ticket or it woul. Be any problem during travelling plz suggest

    • No Original Ticket Given by Counter must required while journey else they may treat without ticket.

      Wish you happy journey,
      Thank you

  31. Excellent …it’s Wesome ….today visited by Konark express to mumbai …in between suffered from severe loose motion due to food poison …just called 183,awesome response ….a very next hour I got the medicine with a medical team ….hats up to INDIAN railway …really proud of it …god bless u all

  32. Excellent …it’s Wesome ….today visited by Konark express to mumbai …in between suffered from severe loose motion due to food poison …just called 183,awesome response ….a very next hour I got the medicine with a medical team ….hats up to INDIAN railway …really proUd of it @ Mr Suresh prabhu and the railway employees

    • Thank you for your Comment. If in sometime unable to contact 182 you can tweet direct to @RailMinistry.

      Happy to read that you got medical treatment timely.

      Keep comment, Like and Share Us.
      Thank you.

  33. Hello sir
    Very good afternoon.

    Kindly help.
    I have booked 3AC ticket online in RAC status.

    Whether I can travel with RAC Tickets, If not confirmed.

    Kindly reply soon.

    Cuz m having train today itself.

    Thanku in advance.

    Kindly do the needful.

    My contact details:

    9594 155 412

    • Yes You can travel with RAC Tickets. After Chart Preparation you will get Seat and Coach Number.

      Anything else write here
      Like and Share us Thank you.

  34. Dear Sir,

    I often see passengers smoke in the train. Whenever I see I request them not to smoke. At the time they quit but they could be seen smoking after another 15-20 minutes. Not only passengers at times I have seen TT/Security personnel smoking near the door.

    Kindly advise the way to handle these kind of situations.

    • Use Toll Free Number 182 Security Helpline or Dial 138. Still not found helpful Tweet to @RailMinistry

  35. hello sir i m a student and i need to know the procedure of issuing railway pass.

  36. What to do if I see TT giving berths to passengers with general ticket rather than the passengers with W/L or RAC tickets. Does passenger have a right to challenge TT in case he came across such incidence. If yes, what should be the conversation or one should ask TT.

    I have seen many a times TT taking bribe and offering seats to those having general tickets.

      • Thanks, But my question is if i can talk to TT with regards to how come he can offer a seat to the passengers with general ticket rather than passengers holding RAC/W/L tickets?

  37. दिल्ली और यूपी से 182 मिलाने पर कोई जवाब नहीं आता।

  38. I am traveling now from ndls to manduadih my windows not open it is very I complain to 138 they said after Allahabad we will
    Then what the means within 30 min it’s so late their are so hot today I do?

    • Yes You are Right, But they always reply according to information they have or provided by relevant zone/area heads.

  39. Totally false numbers are display because once I was traveling in Mahakausal express is running from NZM to JBP and we have some problems in my sleeper coach we will try to take help from helpline nos.182 but call was received and reply it’s Agra no. So kindly try to call jhasi.

    • It’s all India Toll Free RPF Security Helpline Number, Anyway you may send tweet for quick help to Railway Ministry also.

  40. Helpful Page. Chennai central station has no pharmacy.My brother became hysterical. I said help will come if he calls 138 or 182. He already felt releived and said will just need good sleep after hearing me

  41. Hi Sr my grandfather is traveling in banka rajender nagar intercity now he suddenly suffering from heavy fever can u help me Sr plz .coach number S3 birth 55 awanindra kumar

    • I am sorry for very late Response, For Any kind help Please Dial 1872 Security Helpline. Also you may send Tweet to Railway Ministry they also provide help quickly.

  42. Sir,I am travelling in 14017 (sadbhawana express )on 19 May .Sir,I want to know why is controlling so ridiculous in railway, a train which has been already late for five hours ,has to wait for a superfast train (lucknow-delhi mail)for 45 minutes on a local station.within these 45 minutes it could be reach at the next station. Passengers of sadbhavna are travelling from raxaul (bihar)which is more far than Lucknow and they are travelling from 24 hours.have they not paid.

    • Dial 138 they solve it…..If still not solved you mat Tweet to Rail Ministry with your PNR and Contact Numbers.

  43. My 3 sister and there kids are travelling from Mumbai to jaipur in 12979 bandra jaipur .
    Issue is that the reservation is for the middle and upper birth. But the person who is holding the lower birth is sleeping on the lower seat and not allowing to seat in lower seat at day time .
    Is there any way that someone can look on this matter.

    • Yes you may Call 182 Toll Free RPF Security. They respond immediately just need to talk with them with your PNR Number,

      If unable to Dial or etc, please Tweet to Rail Ministry they also take immediately action.

      Else Comment Us with your PNR and Mobile Number we will forward it to Rail Ministry via Our Tweeter Account.

  44. Hi ,

    My dad did my bike Parcel in IRCTC on 17th of this month, it have been reached the destination station by 18th, but I didn’t get the receipt as of now because of some DTDC courier issue, So is there any charges applicable for late collection of our Goods(bike) from railway parcel, also can you help what is the way in case if we miss that receipt.

  45. Whom to complain when the RPF/GRP harass passengers. I saw a situation where a person from a group of 32 reserved passengers pulled the alarm chain since his mobile has fallen. The group were travelling from UBL to TPTY on reserved tickets by UBL – TPTY Passenger on 01.05.2016. The RPF, after harassing that group for 30 minutes by asking them to get down at BAY since that passenger has to be taken to court, finally penalised him at BAY. He was taken with the RPF to a different compartment as though he is a culprit. Why this harassment? Is he not supposed to pull chain since his mobile has fallen? Despite his request to penalise him if he is at fault, he and the total group has been harassed for 30 minutes.

    • If you think that RPF doing wrong, Please Tweet this to @RailMin with complete details and your Cntact details.

      Thank you.

  46. Sir my mother tody traval from pune to JRC in Jhelum exp ,she is senior citzan she not got conferred seat in female or Sr.citizen quta pnr no.is 8532567***

  47. 138 does not understand complaint properly. I complaint about ac not working in LTT station he tells me that will be attended in salem 30hrs frim LTT

    • If you found Helpline numbers are Unavailable or Not Satisfied with Helpline Reply You can Send Tweet Direct to Rail Ministry through Tweeter account. And I’m sure you will get quick and Proper help soon as possible from Ministry.

      Must try this Tweeter Helpline.

  48. Right now i m travelling in okha varanasi ecp train no is 19569 .
    I travel with my family with reservation in sl class .
    But observed that there are somany People are travelling this train with out reservation and also spread durty thing and also distrub sorrounding People .
    My question to railway it is legal thinks and i have completed already about 4hrs but still no any TC come and check ticket

    It is raliable thing

    So kindly do Action

    • For this Kind of Issue Please Dial 182 RPF Security, If not satisfied Send Tweet to Rail Ministry using your Tweeter Account.

  49. Sir I want to book a reservation for 26 people of my family. For 1 Aug 2016. I live in nasik, Maharashtra. Can possible this group booking in my nearest counter of nasik rd stn.
    Please reply me.

  50. I am travelling by Sabarmati express and my 03 year old baby is having high fever now. Train no. is 19165 from Ahmedabad to Darbhanga ,coach no. 05 seat no 71.please help

    • I am Sorry for the Late Response but as details already available in this post what to do in this kind of situation.

  51. Respected Sir. i am in train right now avadh assam 15910 my reservation is from sivan to Dibrugarh. but when i went to my seat, people said this is my seat. plz help. my wife is handicapped. we are facing alots of problem. so plz help as soon as possible. my PNR No is 2765134001 seat no is 1 and 4.

    • Don’t Panic, Please Dial 182 RPF Security, They will Provide you quick help, If still problem not solved Put Tweet to Rail Ministry with your contact details immediately. First Try contact 182 toll Free RPF Security Control Room.

      If you unable to Tweet Just Comment here with your Contact number we will post to @RailMin through our Tweeter Account.

  52. PNR:2319168***,TRAIN:12238,DOJ:11-06-16,SL,LDH-LKO,Dep:18:35,
    PARDEEP KUMAR+1,S3 10,S3 16,

    currently i m travelling in this train, my siter with me, other person whois seat no is 11,13 they misbehave with us regarding seat, they fight with us, one police man also come but he didn’t do anything, now they laughed on us, what we can do now ? pls suggests

    • Sorry for the Late Reply, While Journey in Train for any kind of trouble/Misbehaved Dial 182 Toll RPF Number they will provide help you very soon. You may also knowing them the Policeman not provide any help to you.

      For Every time keep this helpline with you. Also if you not satisfied send Tweet to Rail Ministry they will also take action very soon/Withing Few Hour.

  53. Hello sir,
    Ryt now I am travelling from lko to ndls by train no. 12523 in s2 compartment, there is no water in toilet and was basins.
    Please help us.

  54. I am having problem at ara station lots of people used to tying to enter s10 coach they all are pushing each other one guy kick a lady on her back they all are monsters, animals bloody dehaati than i called 182 rpf security they came at danapur station i told them about my problem and you guys won’t beleave that rpf officer said try to understand this bihar you have to adjust with this people i have nothing to do not even t.t would do something do you guys beleave this i told to rpf officer to tell t.t to check teir ticket he said i know they dont have reservation now i have nothing to say about bihar’s mentality they all are same.

  55. Sir I am traveling bhagalpur -vikramshilla express
    In sleeper class s13 here some of the person seat in my seat

    • Sorry For the Late Response, Please Dial 182 RPF Toll Free Helpline in this kind of situation, you will get Solution/Help quickly by RPF.
      If Still not Satisfied or not get quick response Tweet Rail Ministry with your PNR, Contact Details.

      Thank you.

  56. Hi my brother needs medical help in Durango express.we called 138 , no response.please do something train number 12246

    • Sorry for the lat response, Hope your Brother Well.

      Anytime for this kind of situation Dial 182 RPF Toll Free they will arrange doctors and All.

  57. My wife is travelling in kolkata mail 12322 from cstm to bsl. I have booked ticket in tatkal in sleeper coach. Now she ia feeling uncomfortable in the coach as coach is full of gents passenger. Is it possible that she can get upgraded to AC coach by taking higher payment by TC. PLZ RRPLY ASAP

    • Sorry for the late Reply,,,

      For this kind of situation Contact 182 RPF Helpline. Or Send Tweet to Rail Ministry through Tweeter in both condition you get quick Help/Reply/Solution.

  58. When i bool my journey then i paid 100 per head and when i cancelled ago my journey 4 day then irct cut 60% charg.

  59. Sir our train no 15601 is being delayed by 9 hours with out any reason and the train stops in each and every signal so kindly look in to the matter as we have to catch another train at 11 pm

  60. dear sir,

    by mistake I left my specticles in Train no. 12314 SEaldah Rajdhani Express today in the birth pocket. . i travelled in pnr: 2648401079 . the train has still not reached Sealdah and I deboarded the train at Durgapur today ie 11th July. If anyone finds it please call me on my cell 9350328289 Subhashis. the train is still running and has not reached SEaldah. please help


  61. Respected sir I booked one ticket from jhansi to trivandram through irctc for my son.By mistake gender is clicked female instead of male .No one is giving me satisfactory solution. PNR no is 2419116677 DT 15/01/2016 train swatnjayanti.Please help me.

  62. Passenger is scared and network issue, so I Called 182 on behalf, they said ask her to call, what is this, sent SMS on numbers found, tweet as well, no action still, 15 minutes passed

  63. We are traveling in train no 82527 today from Darbhanga to New Delhi
    Bogie no S3
    But No light, fans are not working
    Request you to please look this matter

  64. we cald the helpline as our sister was travelling alone and getting molested by co passenger and unable to connect to helpline, the helpline staff just kept down the phone without addressing the problem, this isunacceptable

    • Please Send this Msg to Rail Ministry through Tweeter Account must mention that helpline not provide to any to complainer, Also mention your PNR and Contact Details.

      Send Tweet to @RailMin

  65. Today on 27/07/2016,train no.-12873 is coming late by 6 hrs late,how is ur system working? Shame,shame,shame…

  66. Sir I am travelling from gwalior to guna in S1-56 coach of train number 59822. The cleanness of bio-toilet & bas-pasin is very poor. And also there is no water arrangement for hand wash

    • Please Dial 138 Toll Free Helpline, they will solve it, if found no help or etc Send Tweet to Rail Ministry with Details..

    • Dial 138 and Register your Compliant If Not Satisfied with 138 the Send Tweet to Rail ministry using your tweeter account.

      • “Yeh number maujood nahi hain” this is what I get to hear whenever I dialled 138. Ny help pls?

  67. My bag containing a laptop and other valuable data was robbed in a Mumbai local at Kandivali Staion on 4th Aug 2016. Within 3 minutes of the robbery I reported the 182 helpline with the exact description of the thief, the place and the stolen goods but no immediate action was taken by them and eventually they ignored my call. Had they been more responsible the thief would have been caught. Later i lodged a complaint to the Railway police and this is my complaint number (MAR No. 5749/16)

    • Please Send Tweet to Railway Ministry with Complete details as you provide here through your Tweeter Account. Hope you will gt Quick response.

      • I am trevling in 12253 Ang Ex. in coach No. S4. The third zenders (Hizra) are coming to the seat & asking the money with very bad behav. Bangalore to Vishakhapatanam four times they came & collected the money from passangers. They use to abuse, irritet, hrass the passangr. It is a big hrassment in indian railway. What is the sollution? Please let me know.

  68. Train no 12307. Date of journey :12/08/2016. Coach B1. Passengers at seat no 11,9, are not gossiping at 1:02 am and for which all other passengers are facing trouble. On requesting they are shouting

  69. Dear sir,
    My friend and i traveling from delhi to ald with maduwah express in coach S5 SLEEPEER…in between TT came n ask for a ticket my frnd doesn’t have a ticket so TT chargemy frnd 650 for the ticket..n in front of my seat a girl of age 22 or 23 is also sitting in the same compartment n he charge her 150 for the same and also didnt provide her ticket….Can you explain why this corruption took place in front of me.?

    Again when i asked TT for the same then he didnt repiled n flew away…i had a voice chat with recording as a proof.He scolded me and gives many abuses for asking the matter.He also told me that “now i am in verdi if verdi nahi hoti to tumhe batata”.

    kindly address and take action for the same unless it gets too late.

    Name of TT: Prasant ranjan

  70. Toll free no. 1800111321 doesn’t respond and talk properly even after repetitive complain that the train amritsar mail is late for more than 4 hours, my father is travelling from jasidih to ludhiana, he has nothing to eat nd is hungry since morning, he is in his mid 50’s. The customer care even lied that he made a call to my father but the no. was unreachable though everytime i called my dad his no. was reachable. As per I know railway provides free food to passengers whose train is late for more than 3 hrs. Feeling disgusted with the service and claims railway make. I hope railway attends nd responds to my complain and provides him something to eat.

    • Dial 182 RPF Helpline Immediately if no quick action/reply. Send Tweet to @RailMin Railway Ministry with your Father PNR and Contact Details.

  71. I was accessing 138 to get a medical help for my brother travelling to ald to Anvt by train NO 13131 on 20th Aug.(Now she is on board) He is having serious fever, restlessness etc.Can u help ?
    Pnr: 6455484339. Seat no: S2 21

    • Please Dial 182 Immediately if not work Send Tweet to Rail Ministry through Your Tweeter Account
      OR Share your Contact number here so that we can send this message to Railway Ministry through Tweeter.

  72. Please I have not confirm my ticket help line number not pick my call I have checked my ticket status

  73. कोटा पटना का रूट बदल जाने के कारण,यदि कोई व्यक्ति कानपुर central रेलवे के प्लेटफार्म न-07 पर उचरा है तो सुलतान पुर जाने के लिए कौन कौन सी टूेन कितने बजे किस प्लेटफार्म फार्म से जाएगी R N Tiwari member www
    iri.org.in लोक गठबन्धन पार्टी मथुरा

  74. As per latest news heard, Central govt will on strike on 02 Sep 2016. Please intimate that, whether train running on strike i.e. On 02 Sep?

  75. Today my wife & 2 yrs daughter travelling in 11105 kolkata-jhansi prathm swantrata sangram exp. From Barrackpore to asansol. Coach no s2 berth 52. Lower berth. As per rules no passanger is open the middle berth in day time. At Burdawan some passangers who have their reservation in middle & upper berth. Board the train & open the middle berth.no.53. After requesting by my wife not to do that. They started arunging with her & uses ofensive languages. From Burdwan to Asansol my wife sit with half bending her body. After knowing the matter I called up 138 & 182 for onboard help. That time train was at Panagarh & time was 10:50 to 10:53 am. But,till Asansol not a single person will come to help her. I provided my wifes cell no to 182 & all ticket details. I am very upset after knowing the matter. This type of help is provided by 182 in case of emergency,when a women travelling with her 2 yrs baby?

  76. This was my complaint lodged on Indian Railways website on 2 september, 2016:

    I have a reservation of two upper births and I am having a suitcase which I have to put on one seat as there was no space on the floor. So me and my wife both had to sleep on one seat. Just before reaching ambala cant (UMB) two policemen came and started misbehaving with us. I showed them my id proof my wife’s id proof. Our marriage photos and told the proper reason why we sleeping on 1 seat But they continued misbehaving. I was talking to them very politely. But suddenly one policeman grabbed my collar and thrashed me to the train floor. I am a reputed serviceman. Their behaviour was intolerant but since I am with my family and they were two haryanvi policemen. I had no choice but to remain calm. I request you to please take some action against them. One’s name was Vakardi I think (black 5 feet 10 inch with a little hair on head) while the other person was a smart guy. That vakardi guy misbehaved with my wife. I think they wanted to make some money. But I didn’t gave them anything. At first they threatened to take us to the police station. And then I told them ok. Lets go. Then they stopped and left. I think it can be tracked that which railway police person were on duty between given stations at a givem time and action can be taken against them. This whole scenario will harm the trust of common man from police.

    And this was the reply :
    The staff has been advised to not to misbehave with the passengers.

  77. Due to accident on national Highway 27 I missed my train no 19006 on 18/9/2016 and my ticket was wait listed.My PNR 84A7B798B5.I request you to refund my money as I had booked ticket in 2 AC from Rajkot to Mumbai

  78. Hi I’ve booked the ticket (7 ticket) at reservation counter from Mangalore to Ajmer (12977 MARU SAGAR EXP) for 26th Sept 2016, current status is WL 2 , will that get confirmed ?
    if it is not confirmed , can I able to travel with this WL ticket and get the seat by discussing with TT ? if yes do i need to pay money to TT ?

    Thanks in advance,

      • Lichhavi express 14005 is running late by 12:30hrs . Hv u any idea that all passengers r suffering a lot.most of their appointment nd we r suffering a lot.is it judgment with the public.I hv a meeting at 17:00hrs in delhi ,I hv to cancel it only bcoz of the train late.plz understand the value of tym .. I feel regret to book ticket with lichhavi express,

        • M very much fadeup with it,bcoz my this meeting mean alot to me nd my whole fmly r upset.i hv Booked the ticket with sufficient tym interval frm both sides bt it will hardly understand by railway employee nd the govt. They just blame on other sector to improve services..they dnt look their mistakes

  79. On what no. Do we complaint about staff laziness
    M waiting for completion of train shunting of 14205 , while railway had announced that train will leave station around 0000 hrs however it is already delayed by 2hrs n 15min from its actual time
    Watching enjoyment of railway staff while shunting train

  80. Please hold train purshottam express(prebooked-) for 1 hr as our train malwa express is very late and we may miss the train

  81. Sir tc did not clearing our rac but they clearing w/L why. Sir I do 4_5time journey in a month in train when the rac meet t.c did not clear

  82. Pl. Update on the services provided for reaching senior citizens and disabled travellers from new Delhi railway station to platform from new Delhi- LUCKNOW shatabdi will be departing.

  83. B1 bogi of 19023 train pillow cover and bed sheet are not clean AC mentener are not provide clean pillows cover bedsheets blankets are also

  84. I am in probalme plzzzz help me there are 4 and 5 people and they have playing card in my birth and fight with me and my family with me

  85. क्या tte 2 घंटे के बाद कन्फर्म सीट बेच सकता है।अगर पैसेंजर 2 घंटे बाद टिकट दिखाये।नियम के बारे में कृपया कर बताएं।

  86. Sir I’m going to Lucknow from Gaziabad,
    My train is Sadbhavna Express (14018)
    Some websites are showing that the train is rescheduled(17:07)..but some are showing that it’s on the right time(23:40)….

    Please help me What should I do ?
    Please sir help me.

  87. Dear Admin,
    This is Ramakrishnan, I am Travelling in Train No 16611 Dated on: 27.10.2016. I booked a Ticket From Tuticorin to Erode and Boarding at Madurai. My PNR Number is 4745098509. But my seat was occupied by a Co passenger and they had given me my seat back when I on-board at Madurai. But When the TTR (Mr.Domnic) came and behaved with me very badly and asked me to get out of the seat without giving any explanation. I was really confused why he was reacting like this as if I don’t have valid ticket. He really made very shamefully in front of fellow passengers. So I want to give a complaint on him officially.

  88. The worst train magadh express from islampur to new Delhi…delayed by 19 hours..what is this…making tooo much sound while moving..no cleanliness as well as no punctuality..kindly see into the matter

  89. 4passenger’s traveled in single lower berth how i can’t understand today natkal coach train no 12624

  90. Sir my family member is travelling from jharkhand to gujarat .He is not receiving any call.i am worried about him because we have not been in contact from many hours.pls provide any helpline no for this situation.

  91. Disturbance from kinners.They use abusing words and harras pasangers by taking their clothes up (i hope you understand the situation)while not giving them the money.
    Do something about this.
    Take appropriate actions.


  93. respected sir/madam,
    through internet i booked today two railway e- ticket from MUMBAI (BCT) to BARODA (BRC) for 05/11/2016 and payment was successfully done through sbi debit card no.45915aAA2a5655A7, for RS776 on POS SBIRCTC at IRCTC txn#630920023152. But after successful payment i do not get any pnr for this and suddenly my computer is shut down. Already this amount was deducted from my bank. what i do now? kindly give instruction through e-mail ID – darjijigar7@gmail.com.

    • Check the transaction status using option Failed Transaction or Check under Booked Ticket History and Search through Journey Date or booking Date in Short there is many way to check the last transaction done by you is successful or not if not you will get Auto Full Amount Refund No need to worry.

  94. Sir I’m ajay from new Delhi..sir I have emergency travel in tomorrow and I haven’t booking any train and I also no time to tatkal ticket….can. I book ticket for t.t on tha way.it is possible sir?

    • Please Get at least General ticket, You may ask to TTE they can allow and seat also if available through Penalty or Excess Fare.

  95. I booked 2 tickets in August Kranti from Delhi to VAPI for 12th Nov 2016. Tickets were booked on 3rd October 2016 and status was WL 5 & WL6. To my surprise till date even a single WL is not cleared. Is it common in this train or is their some other quota due to which this WL is not clearing. I could not understand as this happens to me 1st time as in past most of the time, my WL cleared one week before the journey date. Can some body help me in this.

  96. I tried booking ticket through net banking money has been debited from my account but ticket has not been confirmed and no SMS was sent will my money be refunded?? And I have booked later it has been booked but the previous money will I get back please tell me sir

  97. Hello
    I have cancelled my waiting list tickets on nov 19th on the day of journey. In railway station they tool My account number but still i did not received my Refund.
    What to do?

      • My wife is stucked in 12608 Lalbagh express(SBC to Chennai). From yesterday afternoon train is waiting at Thiruninravur station. She doesnot have food. She is not feeling well. We have no information on when she will reach. Atleast dropping her back to bangalore would also help.None of the railway enquiries are working. Pleae help me with the status of train which started from bangalore on 12th Dec16. Please help.

  98. Hi, I have to take a Tatkal ticket(Counter ticket) from Chapra(Bihar) to new Delhi and i will take it at new delhi counter .My father have to travel on 10th of December from chapra to new delhi now tell me how come he can travel when original tiket is with me(in delhi). Please suggest asap.

  99. No electricity in train no 12835 called 138 an person says you have reached security deposit. Pls call….. No electricity n train is late by 18 hrs… someone pls look into it

  100. Trying 138 but no reply. Travelling. On 22957 somnath exp pnr8351657104. AC coach not provided with bed sheets and at this late hour everybody is forced to be awake. This in spite of paying for AC. PL HELP

  101. Scheduled departure time of Barauni-Gwalior Mail (11123) from Barauni Jn is 18:45. But today its 23:45 and all enquiry services (Trainenquiry.com and 139-IVRS) are not working fine on today’s departure of this particular train.
    Trainenquiry.com failed to update. It says it has yet to start from origin. Doesnt tell how long it will take.
    And 139-IVRS says it has reached and departed from each stations at scheduled respective times. I have to board the train at kanpur central tomorrow 16 december at 13:35.
    139-SMS doesn’t detect this train, it detects previous day train.
    So what is going on. If it is cancelled then it should be intimated accordingly. Is this train not part of system, please take note of this.

  102. We are travailing 12345 saraighat exp. Coach 4 there are so meny people travelling with current tickets Rpf & concern T T allow it.request you Please look on the matter

  103. Shortly have to travel in hwh Rajdhani express from Delhi with my baby(15days)…..pl let me know whether any doctor or medical officer is available on board or what kind of medical assistance available in case of any emergency.
    Emergency number or medical persons number.

  104. This is prakash my failed transaction are 100000685297240, 100000685297198 why amount are not get back

    • It’s Auto Process, You will Get Same Amount if amount debited but ticket not booked. Fr more send email to irctc through your registered email ID.