Understand Indian Railway Helpline Numbers 182,1322 etc

Understand Indian Railway Helpline Numbers 182,1322 etc

Toll security helpline number, 1800-111-322 and 182:  provide speedy assistance to passengers in the event of thefts, harassment, pick pocketing or other criminal incidents on rail premises.

User Reviews: This Toll Free Security Helpline very Useful, Railway Police Response Very Fast after Call on this number. One of the Best Service Helpline number of Indian railway.

Tweeter: You can Tweet to Direct Rail Ministry for Any kind of Journey Relevant complaint like Safety,Police,Medical Electricity,Corruption, Safety, Over Prices, Bed Food etc. But must once try with 138 or 182 if not solved then send your tweet with PNR, Contact details and Compliant details to @RailMin through Tweeter Account

Toll Free Customer helpline number 138: The helpline will address complaints relating to cleanliness, food and catering, coach maintenance, medical emergency, linen etc.

User Review: Once you Dial 138 they will surely attend your complained very short periods User use this number for AC Failure, Uncleaned Seats etc time and they solve within 30 Minutes.

Toll Free telephone No. 1800-111-139 or/and  1800-111-321: for the convenience of railway users to suggest/grievances relating to catering services (Overcharging, Food Price, Less Quality etc) on Indian Railways. The facility is available 24×7 on this number and railway passengers can register their complaints/suggestions regarding food and catering services. Wherever possible, action is taken on real time basis for redressal of their grievances.

Railway Enquiry Customer Care Number  139 (Chargeable):  For PNR enquiry, Accommodation availability, Fare enquiry, Current train running position, IRCTC relevant information, Also Get information by SMS .

Note: All Railway Passenger in Any situation Dial 182 Toll Free RPF Helpline. As per Users review they provide help quickly including medical help.

If Any problem with 182 Number, Please Immediately send Tweet to Rail Ministry through your tweeter Account this one of the best Option for getting quick help.

For Getting help Must Mention your PNR and Contact Number with Details description.

Wish you Happy and Safe Journey.

Remarks: Users Need to Comment his/her experience with above toll free numbers. Let’s Share Experience and Help  Make Railway Batter.


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  1. Dial Toll Free 182 for any security issue in train. 182 will connect you the nearest RPF Division control room. If Not Able to Dial or Etc Send Tweet to Rail Ministry with Contact Details.

    You May Also Compliant to TTE etc But Above Both method Very Fast and Effective.

  2. poor service in Delhi to shamli passenger trains no schedule for running & coming train on station and ladies coaches facility is very bad because ladies coach are very small according to passengers so please improve our train conditions.