Swabhimani Express was booked by All India Kisan Sangh in Rs 39 lakh running on Wrong Root upto 160 KM

Railways authorities presently do not have any explanation as to how the train ended up at Banmore or how the route plan for the train moving ahead is going to be chalked.

When farmers woke up in Morning to find himself stranded in Banmore station. After Agra, the train had moved towards Kota in Rajasthan after which they ended up in Madhya Pradesh.

With the station master’s help at Banmore station, the train started travelling back in the correct direction and reached Kolhapur on the morning of November 22.





Swabhimani Express was running on Wrong Root upto 160 KM

One thought on “Swabhimani Express was running on Wrong Root upto 160 KM

  • November 23, 2017 at 4:20 PM

    Because it is SWABHIMANI
    2nd thing why railway department is looting normal and poor Indians by reserving 4 months ago as no one can plan journey before 4 months only Honorable PM can plan and just think about the cancellation charges before 4 month advance booking ????? 3rd why dynamic fare ????? just to fetch Railway with money.
    Dear and most Honorable Rail minister please just think what best you are doing for public.
    what we need is just one week advance reservation and nothing else no tatkal , no dynamic fare nothing else please protect us.


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