Sitala and Manasa Mela between Madpur and Jakpur

For the convenience of pilgrims and passengers intending to attend the Sitala & Manasa Mela between Madpur and Jakpur, South Eastern Railway has decided to provide additional stoppages of the following Up & Down Trains at all stations between Panskura and Kharagpur o­n 31/3/2015.

Up Trains

68001 Santragachi-Jhargram MEMU leaving Sanragachi at 06:45 hrs.

68003 Howrah-Ghatsila MEMU leaving Howrah at 10:00 hrs.

38711 Howrah-Kharagpur EMU leaving Howrah at 10:47 hrs.

58003 Howrah-Bhadrak Passenger leaving Howrah at 15:30 hrs.

58015 Howrah-Adra Passenger leaving Howrah at 17:45 hrs.

38825 Howrah-Midnapur EMU leaving Howrah at 18:12 hrs.

Down Trains

38806 Midnapur-Howrah MEMU leaving Midnapur at 06:10 hrs.

38710 Kharagpur-Howrah MEMU leaving Kharagpur at 07:20 hrs.

68002 Jaleswar-Belda-Howrah Passenger leaving Jaleswar at 05:30 hrs.

58016 Adra-Howrah Passenger leaving Adra at 04:30 hrs.

58004 Bhadrak-Howrah Passenger leaving Bhadrak at 04:35 hrs.

68008 Jhargram-Santragachi MEMU leaving Jhargram at 09:50 hrs.

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Sitala and Manasa Mela between Madpur and Jakpur
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