Overcharged/Bad Food by Seller dial Toll Free 1800111321

We know this is true in our daily routine life the Stalls or Lorries at Railway Station Charged More than MRP in Many Times. A few alert passengers objected to the price charged but vendors blatantly replied that the food items and beverages were sold at railway stations at extra cost. OR They either say the extra charge is for buying ice or claim drinks and beverages are sold at stations at a higher price than the market value etc answers it’s one kind of tricks of the trade.

Often while traveling we are forced to pay up 20 Rs for a 15 Rs mineral water bottle, 15 Rs for 10 Rs cookies.
Well it’s time to say good bye to paying more than the official rates. 1800111321 is your answer. (Apart from putting in a complaint with the station master at the risk of missing your train)

IRCTCNEWS.IN requesting to All the Indian Railway Passengers Please if any stall/Seller at Railway Station OR inside Train charged more than MRP must Complained On 1800-111-321. It’s Toll Free and they reply and take action very fast.

If you don’t like the food on your train then you can call the toll free number 1800111321 between 7 am to 10 PM to lodge your complaint. The complaint can relate to anything including overcharging, less quantity or substandard quality. It will be addressed on real-time basis.

On the same pattern, Catering Monitoring Cells have been set up at Zonal and Divisional level for daily monitoring of the catering activities.

Next Time Be Careful and Just Complaint and after that you will see the Difference, It’s so easy you will get all IRCTC Action take report by SMS on your mobile.

IRCTCNEWS.IN requesting please take the chance and make the different in Railway, This Railway is yours. Use the complaint service and Participant in Make Better Indian Railway.

Overcharged/Bad Food by Seller dial Toll Free 1800111321

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