Kumbh Preparations Railway Work details at Allahabad Junction 

As per Press Released by North Central Railway Following Work Process Done or Under Process at Allahabad Junction for Kumbh Preparations.

  • Multi-level parking and pilgrim centre o­n the city side (in G+6 Building). This will also contain retiring rooms, ORH etc.
  • Skywalk to connect all foot over bridges (Smith Road FOB to be Joined with Line Shah Baba FOB along PF No. 4 and 6;  Line Shah Baba to be connected to Public FOB along PF.No. 2 and 3; Public FOB to be connected to new FOB to be constructed by Bridge Line o­n Delhi end)
  • Construction and Extension of Platform Sheds: All platforms at ALD station to be covered 100%.
  • Development of the Circulating area (City Side)
  • Construction of overhead tank of a capacity of 1 lakh gallons for the supply of drinking water
  • Construction of three new deep bore wells
  • Construction of 4 new passenger enclosures (City Side)
  • A G+3 building will be constructed in GRP colony in city side to accommodate present cooperative bank, TT Rest house and other offices.
  • Rs 116 crores are to be spent o­n all the above works.
Kumbh Preparations Railway Work details at Allahabad Junction 

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