HO quota meaning and procedures all about Emergency quota

Every train will have some seats reserved for HO/Emergency quota. Which are used by high officials or the people who have some emergency travel like medical etc.

A discretionary quota of Railway used for berth allotment to Rail officials or public or Netas in case of emergency/need.
If those seats not utilized then they will release them to clear wl/rac passengers at the time of chat preparation.

HO quota is available for any one who can prove the urgency of the travel. But a fixed protocol is followed. The protocol starts from the President of India and down to Last Grade Government Servant and also includes other VIPs such as doctors, etc including common citizen. Since availability is limited, the allotment is based on first cum first served and the protocol ranking. The discretion of the Chief Reservation Supervisor and the staff in charge of chart finalization plays an important role. One has to apply for release of HO quota and submit the application to the CRS on the morning of the date of journey. For the trains for which charts are prepared, the application has to be given on the previous day itself. All such applications would be grouped together and sorted on the priorities mentioned above and informed to the Divisional office concerned. One can also send their application to the Divisional office also direct either in person or through fax. If one has some good contacts within the railway division, his chances of getting included in the priority list is more.


HO quota meaning and procedures all about Emergency quota
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    Pls advise the passenger name in PNR 6452824*** booked under my ID but not sure who booked also payment ID is MOJO6617000U03440165


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