Clean My Coach a SMS Based Real Time Housekeeping

As per press Released by Western railway ‘Clean My Coach’ is an innovative passenger-centric initiative to ensure quick availability of o­n board services in a train. The OBHS Request Automation System has been developed to facilitate real time o­n Board Housekeeping Service.

How this System Work?

The system is primarily a direct requesting service for passengers to use via SMS, for o­nboard cleaning service of train. Through this system, the passenger sends SMS CLEAN to 58888. The centralized computer server, acknowledges the request & sends an electronic-generated 4 digit code to the passenger. Simultaneously, the request is also forwarded to the o­n Board Housekeeping Supervisor.

Why the On-board Housekeeping must need contact you quickly?

The request is attended by o­n-Board Housekeeping staff & the 4 digit code is requested back from the passenger by the service providing personnel. The o­nboard staff   sends back the code to the designated number & the system closes the request. Another Feedback message is also sent to the passenger for electronically sending direct feedback. Thus, the requests of travelling passengers are quickly addressed using a closed-loop, quick-response & at the same time through a cost-effective system. The system can be assessed using any basic mobile phone. The system, apart from ensuring quick service to the travelling customers, also enables close monitoring of the working of o­n-board cleaning services.

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Clean My Coach a SMS Based Real Time Housekeeping

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