TTE Corruption Issues and Solution Identified IR

One of the major issue that frequently gets reported by citizens in the Make Railways Better circle is TTE corruption and discretion. Citizens have shared their experiences and issues faced across multiple discussions and individually as they have occurred.

First View this Below Video which Uploaded by Someone on In this video you can see clearly What ticket checker done with General Ticket Passenger to Allow Journey in Reserved Class….

The 145,000+ strong “Making Railways Better” online community has come together to collectively identify the key issues and solutions for Addressing TTE Corruption and Dicretion and expects that the Ministry of Railways will work towards implementing some of the identified solutions.

Issues Identified:

  1. Many TTEs take money from unreserved passengers and offer them seats
  2. TTEs sell vacant seats at high prices to needy passengers
  3. Seats sold by the TTEs are not reported properly
  4. TTEs take bribes and allow passengers to carry goods in passenger compartments
  5. Many times they don’t give seats to RAC passengers but sell seats to non-ticket holders.
  6. They collect fines but do not give receipts in many cases.
  7. Many times they ask for money from RAC passengers to allot seats.
  8. TTEs tend to take bribe to upgrade you to an upper class seat.
  9. TTEs allow daily passenger to board general compartment without ticket by taking a small bribe.
  10. TTEs offer unoccupied Emergency /VIP quota seats to passengers by taking bribes
  11. TTEs allow passengers specially businessmen to travel in long distance trains during night time without ticket. In the morning they get tickets for the remaining portion of the journey and pocket the money.

Solutions Identified:

  1. Authority of distributing the vacant seats must be removed from TTE and their responsibility should be only ensuring the verification of proper tickets.
  2. TTE’s should be given a GPRS machine instead of coupon booklet to avoid non-reporting of collected fine.
  3. Vacant seats must be reported at every station via GPRS system by TTE which will be monitored at a centrally located BPO.
  4. These seats should be made available online and automatically allocated to RAC/waitlist passengers in the train or to the passenger boarding on the next station.
  5. Electronic passenger feedback via mobile/internet on each TTE should be sought for their interaction/hospitality with their increment/promotion significantly linked to passenger feedback
  6. TTEs should be rated by passengers via Make Railways Better circle with details and Railways should clean up the system based on the collective ratings.
  7. A phone HOTLINE for reporting TTE bribery cases should be set up and advertised in trains and at stations.
  8. RAC allotment should be made online after chart preparation.
  9. Strict & quick punishment including termination from service should be given to TTEs indulging in corrupt practices.
  10. Increase must be made in the number of vigilance officers and inspectors.
  11. Customer Service and Ethics training for TTEs must be organized regularly.
  12. Honest and sincere TTEs should be awarded with incentives.
  13. Current booking tickets obtained minutes before departure should also be issued with seat/berth numbers.
  14. Actual position of berth availability should be displayed at all stations on real time basis for all trains so that the real status is known.
  15. CCTV Cameras should be installed in trains and randomly viewed to look for TTE corrupt practices.
  16. Cancellations should not be allowed after 6 hours before the departure time so that the cancelled berths and seats can automatically be allotted to RAC & Waitlisted passengers.
  17. A railway mobile app should be made which gives instant info on the empty seats.
  18. There should be a system where in each train RAC and wait listed passengers should be able to record their presence in train by feeding PNR of the ticket. Once all such PNRs are fed into the system, only then the system should allow TTE to allot seats.

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TTE Corruption Issues and Solution Identified IR

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