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Indian Railway Quiz with Answers for serious test

Indian Railway Quiz with Answers for serious test

Q. 1. Who was first female operator in Delhi Metro?

Answer: Minakshi Sharma was first female operator in Delhi Metro.

Q. 2. Where has National Rail Museum been transferred from Delhi? Answer: Rewari (Haryana)

Q. 3. First female to become the member of Railway Board? Answer: Vijaylaxmi Vishwanathan

Q. 4. Where is in India, longest platform situated? Answer: Khadagpur (West Bengal)

Q. 5. Where does the only train for women run? Answer: From Churchgate to Boriwali in Mumbai

Q. 6. After separation from India in 1947, Pakistan got how much long railway track? Answer: 11,200 km

Q. 7. When did Indian Railway Act Pass?
Answer: In 1890

Q. 8. Which is the longest railway zone in India?

Answer: Northern Railway is the longest railway zone in India?

Q. 9. When did Metro Rail in Calcutta start? Answer: 24 October, 1984

Q. 10. When is Railway Day celebrated on? Answer: 10–16April.

Q. 11. In which rail region did the automatic signal system start? Answer: Central Railway.

Q. 12. How many Railway Recruitment Boards are there in India? Answer: 19

Q. 13. In Indian railway, where and by what name did first tourist rail start? Answer: Palace on wheels in 1982 between Delhi–Jaipur

Q. 14. Where did first railway accident in the history of Indian Railway occurred? Answer: In Morghat (Pure–Bombay root) on 5 January, 1869

Q. 15. Which is the longest rail route in India?
Answer: From Dibrugarh (Assam) To Kanyakumari

Q. 16. Where did first monorail operate in India? Answer: From Sarhind to Alampur and Bhawani mandi to Patiala

Q. 17. What was the name of India’s first indigenous steam engine? Answer: F–734

Q. 18. Which is India’s first longest railway tunnel situated ? Answer: Between Monkey hill and Khandala (2100 mt)

Q. 19. Where the longest rail tunnel at present situated ? Answer: Peerpranjal rail tunnel, Banihal (Kashmir) Kajiguda division, 11 km.

Q. 20. Where is the biggest Electrical loco shade situated at? Answer: Mughal Sarai (Uttar Pradesh)

Q. 21. First telecommunication between guard and driver began in which train on 20 June, 1982? Answer: Mumbai–New Delhi (Rajdhani Express)

Q. 22. Whose formation took place on 14 April, 1951 as Regional Railway in Indian Railway?
Answer: Southern Railway.

Q. 23. On 10, July 1988, Shatabdi Express began for the first time between which two station? Answer: Between New Delhi–Jhansi

Q. 24. On 1st March 1969 first Rajdhani Express ran between which two stations? Answer: New Delhi–Howrah

Q. 25. Name the first DC electrical rail engine? Answer: Lokmanya (CLW manufactured it in 1961)

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Indian Railway Quiz with Answers for serious test
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