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Identity card process for physically challenged in railway

Railway concession Ticket Procedure for Handicapped Person

Note: As many Users asking me that they send application but no Reply even after over several months. Friends if you found that the authority not Replying/Listening You may Compliment to Railway Ministry @RailMinIndia through Twitter for quick Reply/Action.

We know now Physically Challenged People no need to go station counter for get confirmed tickets or concession confirmed tickets. Now through this I-Card you may Booked concession tickets from your mobile or computer too.

Identity card process for physically challenged Passengers of Indian railway

Detailed Procedure to be followed for implementation of the Scheme for Concession Based E-ticketing through IRCTC as well as issuing Counter Tickets for the Physically Challenged Persons, i.e., Orthopedically Handicapped/Deaf & Dumb/Mentally Retarded/Blind Patients:

  1. Physically Challenged/Handicapped Person entitled for Railway concession will approach nearest D.R.M. Office along with all the relevant documents viz. Concession Certificate, Photo Identity proof, Date of Birth proof, Address proof and two passport size photographs either in person or by post for issuing Railway Photo Identity card by submitting one set of attested photocopies (self attested) of the said documents. It should be addressed to Sr. DCM of the concerned division. The envelope containing documents should be superscribed “Application for issue of railway Identity Card for Physically Challenged Persons for ticketing”.
  2. DRM office will get the Concession Certificate, IDs etc. verified by Commercial Inspector, who will contact/visit the hospital which has issued the certificate for verifying the authenticity of certificate. Ensuring correctness of particulars and other factual details shall be the responsibility of verifying official. On the basis of Commercial Inspector’s report, Sr. DCM will issue Identity Card to Physically Challenged Person. The total process till the issuance of card should be completed within reasonable time from the date of receipt of the application.
  3. After due verification of the documents, a Photo Identity Card in prescribed format, containing a Unique ID number, shall be issued under the signature of the Sr. DCM and the card details will be fed in PRS database. The applicant will be informed telephonically to collect the card (contact no. may be mentioned on the form by the applicant). The physically challenged person or his/her representative (with proper authority letter) on his/her behalf can collect the card showing the original certificates.
  4. At the time of issuing Photo Identity Card with unique 11) number against a valid Concession Certificate, details of the card issued will be endorsed on the original Concession Certificate (by affixing a stamp mentioning division, date of issue/initials) and thereafter concessional tickets shall be issued on the authority of the said card only and the Concession Certificate will not be accepted for issuing concessional tickets.
  5. Only Concession Certificate issued by the Government Hospital! Clinic/Institutions, as the case may be, lying in the area within the jurisdiction of concerned Zonal Railways will be considered for issuing Photo Identity Cards.
  6. The Photo Identity Card with unique ID number will be used for internet ticketing as well as getting concessional reserved and unreserved tickets issued from PRS/ UTS counters. A photocopy of Photo Identity Card may be retained on PRS/UTS counters. The passenger will have to carry the Photo Identity Card in original during the journey and shall be required to produce the same for verification during on- Board/off-Board checking.
  7. The extant instructions with regard to escort in case of booking of concessional tickets through counters may also be applicable in case of booking concessional tickets through internet. The details of any one of the ten valid ID proofs of the escort should be indicated while booking concessional reserved tickets through internet and PRS counters which will be fed in the system and the same must be carried in original during the journey for onboard/off board verification.
  8. The validity of the card will be five years from the date of issue or till the last date up to which the concession certificate is valid, whichever is earlier.
  9. After getting the Photo Identity card, the cardholder or his/her authorized representative will have to get it laminated. The PRS/ UTS concessional tickets shall be issued on the basis of data! Particulars stored in Data base.
  10. In case of loss of a Photo Identity Card with Unique ID number, another Card will be issued after disabling the existing card by following the same procedure and submitting the copy of the FIR. After disabling of a Card, no fresh bookings would be possible but cancellations of reservations done prior to disabling of the Card would be permitted by the system.
  11. At the time of expiry of validity of the card, new card may be got issued by submitting a fresh application and following the same procedure up to three months before expiry of the validity period of the card. Old card shall be collected and disabled before! at the time of issuing new card.
  12. The registered users on the website of IRCTC will be able to book concessional tickets in exactly the same manner as is being done today for booking e-tickets/ tickets by feeding Unique ID number of his/her Railway Photo Identity Card and other additional details of the photo Identity card. The user can opt for either Electronic Reservation Slip or Internet ticket. While the internet ticket is delivered at home, the passenger will have to take out printout of the Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) himself/herself or/and SMS/VRM along with I.D. proof.
  13. Other procedures for payment etc. will remain the same as per existing procedure of Internet ticketing I E-ticketing.
  14. In case of misuse/ fraudulent use of the Card comes into the notice, the Railway Administration may Block the Card. No transactions would be permitted by the system on such Blocked Cards and previous reservations done on such cards would also be seized! Cancelled.
  15. The Journey ticket! ERS/ SMS/ VRM/ MRM, along with the Photo Identity card with Unique Number issued by Railway in original will constitute the travel authority. Without the original Photo Identity card with Unique Number, Journey ticket! ERS! SMS will have no value and the passenger will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged accordingly.
  16. Cancellation and Refund on PRS/ UTS tickets issued from Railway counters will be as per extant rules for normal PRS/ UTS tickets issued from Railway counters.
  17. Cancellation of Internet tickets:
    a. Before Charting: Cancellation of Internet tickets booked under this scheme will be done as per the existing procedure followed by IRCTC for other internet (1.IE.) tickets.
    b. After Charting: Cancellation of confirmed Internet tickets will be done only as per the existing procedure followed by IRCTC for internet (l/E) tickets.
  18. Rules for travelling on partially confirmed waitlisted Internet tickets and waitlisted Internet tickets shall be the same as are presently applicable to other passengers.
  19. CRIS will make necessary changes in the software to indicate on the chart against the handicapped passengers and the Escort who are booked under this scheme against Photo Identity Card with Unique ID number to facilitate the ticket checking staff to identi1’ such passengers. The details of Photo Identity Card will also be printed on the reservation chart in addition to other particulars.
  20. In case the handicapped passenger booked on Internet ticket under this scheme forgets to carry the ERS/ fails to display SMS/ VRM/ MRM due to any eventuality (loss of ERS, loss! discharging of Mobile Phone! Laptop etc.), he will be charged as per extant rule for similar cases for other Internet passengers. The Ticket Checking Staff will issue him an EFT after collecting the prescribed charges. The passenger will use this EFT to exit from the station. However, the ticket checking staff will have to satisfy himself that the particulars on the photo identity card of the passenger match with the particulars appearing on the chart.

Railway Board Guidelines for Handicapped Person Identy Card

Identity card process for physically challenged in railway
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