A senior railway official said not more than 50 tickets were sold per day at those stations, which was not remunerative. The railways claimed that the cost incurred per halt per station is Rs8,000 on account of fuel and operation costs of running the train and maintaining the station. However, the railways earned only Rs500 per stoppage from the loss-making halts. Apart from financial loss, the halts also affected the smooth running of trains.

Indian Railways has identified around 1,240 stoppages across India that are unnecessary and unaffordable.


Source Page: (Read Complete News) http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/WR-to-scrap-3-long-distance-train-halts-from-Dec-1/articleshow/45114671.cms

WR to scrap 3 long-distance train halts

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