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Train 22695 premium superfast trains between Yesvantpur and Jaipur

Railways have decided to introduce weekly premium superfast trains between Yesvantpur and Jaipur as per details given below :

Train No.22695 premium superfast will leave Yesvantpur at 11.30 hrs every Thursday commencing from 18.12.2014 and arrive Jaipurat 06.35 hrs every Saturday.

Train No.22696 premium superfast will leave Jaipur at 22.15 hrs every Saturday commencing from 20.12.2014 and arrive Yesvantpur at 17.55 hrs every Monday.


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  1. Today after waiting more than 2 hours my q reached booking window for thid train reservation from Yadagir to Pune junction. The gentleman told it is not available because it is Premium. What it shows Indian railway is not for common man meant only for Executives or Class I people. Who doesn’t know pc,mobile,internet banking etc all should die and go to hell! Even though we are ready to pay actual s also not able to obtain even hundreds of bearths are available. Its not smart it is oversmart my dear Railway. If M.K.Gandhi alive means spot out after hearing it. Then came out and enquired they ask only Rs. 500/- extra! Wah India is great and shining too mush which can visible to high profile people. Remember Respected India already took U turn in so many science and technology.for example Drinking Water Hybrid food etc. One day this is also ends who knows the Time. I am not against modernization software apps etc but at the same time we have retain our roots also. As in one kannada cinema America America : “If my mother don’t have grand saree means I can’t accept some one as mother. If I can’t get food in my home then its same as above. ‘ We can’t grow any grains in software or mobile please. We can’t take these as our basic needs like water air and food. Too much is too bad my dear Rail. Think twice before you took decision. Jan marulo jatre maulo we shouldn’t no. All white is not milk and all mobile users are not software qualified. If that is true why you are employed highest man power in the world. If you hurt sorry but its fact and reality please.

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