Train Nos. 17415/17416 TIRUPATI-KOLHAPUR-TIRUPATI HARIPRIYA EXPRESS with ONE additional Second Class Sleeper coach temporarily, with effect from TIRUPATI end from 27th Oct.14 to 15th Nov.2014 and from KOLHAPUR end from 30th Oct.14to 18th Nov.2014, to clear extra rush of wait-listed Passengers, as per the following dates.

The revised composition of Train No. 17415/17416 Tirupati-Kolhapur-Tirupati HaripriyaExpress has total 22 coaches (instead of 21 coaches) , comprising of One First Class AC coach, One AC 2-tier coach, Two AC 3-tier coaches, Fourteen Second Class Sleeper coaches, Two General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake vans-cum-disabled coaches.


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Temporary Augmentation of Tirupati-Kolhapur-Tirupati Haripriya Express
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