New Train 01081 Dadar-Bhusawal SuperFast Special Train

New Train 01081 Dadar-Bhusawal SuperFast Special Train

New Train 01081 Dadar-Bhusawal SuperFast Special Train

दादर-भुसावल सुपरफास्ट स्पेशल

Valid from 13th April to 24th June 2016 (subject to further announcements)

Runs from source: Friday

Special Train for Bhusaval passengers

Mumbai bhusaval Special train

Thane Bhusaval Special train

Station Day Sch Arr Sch Dep Dist
DADAR(DR) 1 21:45 0
THANE(TNA) 1 22:03 22:05 25
KALYAN JN(KYN) 1 22:22 22:25 45
KASARA(KSRA) 1 23:35 23:37 112
IGATPURI(IGP) 2 00:05 00:10 128
NASIK ROAD(NK) 2 00:52 00:55 179
CHALISGAON JN(CSN) 2 02:30 02:32 319
JALGAON JN(JL) 2 03:27 03:30 412
BHUSAVAL JN(BSL) 2 05:00 436
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  2. Please dadar Bhusawal 01081, 01082 super fast express take pachora stn stop .because it is very important station in Jalgaon district.

  3. 01081/01082 dadar-bhusaval-dadar pls continue this train d’nt cancle it.
    thanks for making a happy journy to bhusaval by this train.

  4. This train is excellent.
    As mentioned in above comment it must have halt at Pachora station as from Mumbai to Manmad many trains are available but issue comes from Manmad to Bhusawal as number of trains are less here.

    Also from Mumbai train must start around or after 11:30 pm so that it reaches the destination at around 5:30 else traffic would be less if it reaches midnight

  5. very convenient train. plz continue the train. most of people didn’t know about the schedule of train, but soon get very good response. I’m agree with Rahul comment.

  6. First of all thanks to all those who all tried their best for starting this new train – Dadar Bhusawal Train. It was a very old demand. We, people of Khandesh have to travel every time in the long journey trains those were always over crowded. We hardly get the seat. There had been many incident of quarrels over the seat. It was high time we get our own train. And finally we got it after so long time. So thanks to all. Please do not cancel this train. It is very useful for people of Khandesh. Please change the timing after 10.30 from Dadar as the time it reaches Jalgaon (i.e at 3.30 am) is not useful. Make it convenient by changing the timing.

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  8. train no.01081, 01082 super fast express take pachora stn stop .many peoples traveling this stn.

  9. Some basic facts are to be considered while this train is started.
    No need to make this train superfast make it normal express/mail so that 2-3 stations can be added and benefit those people as well

    This train shud not be considered for only people traveling from dadar to direct bhuswal as for people traveling from mumbai to direct bhusawal have more than 50 trains,
    consider this for people traveling intermediate station also , this will have more traffic and will make railways profit instead of TC getting profited which is happening on mumbai bhuswal route on day to day basis as people are catching UP based trains with no reservations available for this UP trains

    train timing has to be revised keeping in mind people book reservation on this train for both sides

    if this taken care it will more better for all people and to railways both win win situation

  10. First of all I express my gratitudes to Railway authority and to all those who tried their level best to bring Bhusaval Dadar Bhusaval Express in reality. I Congratulates and thanks people from Bhusaval for getting this super fast train and showing very very good response to this train as this train was found to be over booked in all trips ,
    I take this opportunity to request railway authority to continue this service seven days in a week ,This train will prove to be milking cow for central Railways ,
    Regards ,

  11. when this train is going to be Daily ?
    Already this is Hit what Indian railways is waiting for

  12. First of all thanks to all those who all tried their best for starting this new train – Dadar Bhusawal Train pls give hult at pachora only for 2 second

  13. Is this train permanently started or only for summer vacation..last year it was till june only

      • @admin,Thanks for updates. Plz try to continue this train. This route required this type of trains. Most of the long distance trains are always full. i think Such short distance trains are helpful to reduce rush from long distance trains..
        It will help short journey & long journey travellers..

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