How to register complaint in Indian railway online

If you are a victim or witness in below cases/incident which you think done by railway staff you may filed complaint against them now from here.

1) Visit:

2) Click On Register Complaint and Suggestions

3) Choose Complaint Category

Example:  If you victim or witness of Refusal/ Overcharging/ Delay in delivery/ Not delivered of Booking Luggage / Parcels, Then please choose  Booking Luggage / Parcels

4) Choose Date of this incidents.

5) Make Staff Name if you have OR Put it blank.

6) If the incident inside train than choose and make PNR Number if you have  OR If the incident inside station than make platform number and station name.

7) Make Your Name Phone Number and Address.

8) Make description and attach in-case if you have any physical document.

Now Submit you complaint You will get Complaint number for future reference.

Note: It is our duty/responsibility/Our rights to complains if doing anything wrong with you or with others.

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