How to lodge a complaint against any service provider under the Indian Railway Premises

The Indian Railways have launched a service in 2011, which provides a passenger an opportunity to lodge a complaint against any service provider by the Railway department or in railway premises.
If You found the any below category/type Issues with you or others, You may complaint it to directly to the Complaint Cell through Online any time.

Just Click Here and Select the any Following Category/Issue Type and submit your complaint.

1) Following are the Category/Types of complaint which you may lodge to Railway complaint cell/Department.

Allotments of Seat Berths By Train Staff

  1. Ignoring WL/RAC
  2. Demand of extra money
  3. Non issue of receipt

Bedroll Complain

  1. Short supply
  2. Non availability
  3. Unclean
  4. Torn or mutilated

 Booking of Luggage/Parcels

  1. Refusal
  2. Overcharging
  3. Delay in delivery
  4. Not delivered

Bribery and Corruption

  1. Bribery and corruption
  2. Misc. Cause

Catering and Vending Service

  1. Quality
  2. Quantity
  3. Overcharging
  4. Hygiene
  5. Misbehavior
  6. Late Service
  7. Non Availability
  8. Any Other

Cleanliness at Station

  1. Platform
  2. Waiting Room
  3. FOB
  4. Retiring Room

Complaint Related To Kolkata Metro

Complaints Related to Sleeper Class

  1. Non availability of Manning Staff
  2. Gates not open during late night hours at the halting stations



Improper Behavior of Commercial Staff

  1. Booking Staff
  2. Reservation Staff
  3. Parcel Staff
  4. Goods Staff
  5. Station Staff
  6. On Board Staff


Improper Behavior of Commercial Staff

  1. RPF
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electrical
  4. Operating
  5. Safaiwalas
  6. others

Improper Behavior of Non-Railway Staff

  1. GRP
  2. Coolies
  3. Catering & Vending Staff

Maintenance/Cleanliness of Coaches

  1. Rodents
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Unclean Coaches
  4. A/C & Electrical fittings


Malfunctioning of electrical Equipment

  1. Fans
  2. Lights
  3. Switches


Misc. Cause

Multiple complaints

Non Availability of Water

  1. Platform
  2. Train
  3. Waiting Room


Passenger Booking

  1. Overcharging
  2. Refusal to issue tickets
  3. Others


Punctuality of Train

  1. Unusual late running


Refund of Tickets

  1. Refusal
  2. Short payment


Reservation Issues Improper guidance

  1. Refusal to issue tickets
  2. Wrong issue of tickets
  3. Overcharging
  4. Balance Not Refunded
  5. Internet Ticketing Issue


  1. Items lost
  2. Whether FIR lodged

Unauthorized Passenger in Coaches

  1. Non cooperation of train staff
  2. Non cooperation of RPF staff

Working of Inquiry Office

  1. Non attentive staff
  2. Improper guidance
  3. Wrong information
  4. Others

We have all the way just need awareness to follow them, Come and Join for Change, I am With you.

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  1. used bed roll given on seat no b-3 seat no. 11 puri to hwh .towel is given on demand
    train no 12838 pnr no.6134283445 dt 26 nov.

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  3. I am a passenger of train number 02509 (BNC-KYQ Exp) travelling from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar, and travelling in 2AC on berth number 19,20,21 with my family. Railway should feel ashamed of the fact that though the trains are premium special trains of type Rajdhani Express. The facilities available are pathetic including the standard of the coaches. The bed rolls are used bed rolls, no hand towels given.Though the trains are of type Rajdhani the catering vendor says no breakfast after 10 AM, the train is scheduled to leave Bangalore Cantonment at 10:15 AM, it is yet to depart @ 11:15 AM. Then why the hell these trains are premium special and are we staying in a country where the government is exploiting the common man.

    • Sir,

      We all passenger are know that the name of premium extra charges railway filling his pockets only. No any premium facility given in such trains.

      Don’t worry we have many tools to send your msg to railway authority. If you are ready to complain just knowing me i will guide you.

      • I want to file a complaint against ticket provider in railway station he refused me to provide tickets only for not having change but when matter got inhance i saw he has a lot of change ….he misbehaved me and also with such word i cnt explain ####…suggest me how i cn file a complaint

        • Do compliant Online or Dial 182 RPF and File Complaints OR Send Tweet to Rail Ministry with Contact Details. Also you can try all this three types One by One.

          • PNR number 8538118869 train number18520 traveling from LTT TO VSKP Date of journey 2nd December 2017, coach A1 2AC seat numbers31,32,33 and 34, very sorry to say had a horrible experience with regards to the dirtiest and filthiest coach ever travelled, had good company of coackroaches ++ dirtiest toilets+++ unclean and smelly bedsheets.++ regular vendor calls,, will need lot of guts to ever travel on train again after seeing the agony of the 4 yr and 10yr old who refused to enter the toilets for entire journey,,, very dissapointing,,, mobile number +919833298762..


        • Dial 138 ad Filed complaints against the seller, Don’t worry it’s easy process and very soon action done by Railway. If 138 not help then send Tweet to RailMinistry with details.

  4. Pnr 4617748024
    Date of journey 06/03/2015
    Linda to hazarat nizamuddin
    I lost my black Greg trolley between jhansi and nizamuddin station on 7th late night or 8 march 2015
    I have my education certificates and important documents to attend interview.
    Pl help me to locate my lost baggage

    • Sir,

      Please complaint with same station authority. For Complaint Meet Station Master OR RPF OR On Duty Guard. If you Fail To do Complaint You may Report on Indian Railway Complaint Website OR Call Emergency Numbers 182, 1322 for Make Complaints.
      I Request you Done complaint Procedure Fast As Possible. Quick Complaint have more chance to get your luggage.


  5. PNR:4618136385,TRAIN AP Exp:12723, DOJ:21-04-15,3A,SC-NDLS, B2 31

    Ambuj hotel, caterer of the pantry, has served a cotaiminated, having a algie kind of particle, water gass (sealed) along with the dinner.
    On complaining about it the service boy said that it is company’s (“IMPACT”) product and has no role in it…I tried to write it in their complaint book but was not provided..Manager also has denied to discuss it.

    kindly look into as it would have been a serious health issue if had been overlooked.
    I am preserving that contaiminated water glass in case of any evidense is asked.

  6. Train r running vry late nowadays…some necessary actions should b taken against this..the passengers r having much trouble while travelling..if d person having emergency he can’t reach at there is the need of taking an action against dis

  7. How can female travellers alert someone while travelling incase of passenger misbehavior on AP express 12723 in S12

    • In almost entire India the indian railway started toll free security helpline number for it’s users. Male/Female or any railway users may dial 138 or 182 it’s toll free from anywhere/anytime.

      Before Call must prepared with your PNR Number/station/train number etc so they easily find your location and give them complete details. the railway police staff which is also available inside train or in the next station provide quick help in every possible way.

  8. Hi,

    This is Dhwanit Malvi. I am traveling from Ahmedabad to Krishnarajpuram through Rajkot-Coimbatore Express, today, 17/05/2015, PNR no. 8335797778.

    This complain is regarding, illegal possession of our seats by some passengers in our coach, S11 and unavailability of water in bathroom in our coach. Kindly do the needful.

    • For any complaint/suggestion regarding catering service like food quality, Food/Water availability etc Dial Toll Free 1800-111-321/322
      All Indian Passenger Helpline Number (Security Helpline Number, You get Quick RPF help after complaint on this number) 138/1322/182

      Just Complaint…….. Railway Authority are always for passenger help.

  9. Hi
    today railway employee make misbehavior with me this regarding when want complaint book by me they do not give so please guide proper method for complaint this .

    • Go through this post and complaint though given website.

      Remember in case any emergency contact on security helpline numbers 138 or 182 or 1322.

  10. I am traveling in 12562 train no and train is standing from 2 hour outside of Allah bad station.all other train are passing in similar direction also goods train but our train is standing we are all facing the heat and thirst due to train.

  11. Sir

    This is for wrong data updation on website as on 4 train no 14005 is running late by 3 hour and it’s departure time is from bsb is 6.05 pm but on website it’s showing 5.15 pm. What does it mean by this as I am traveling on this train and I have to reach Delhi till 6 am but how could I calculate the right time if time is updated wrong.

    • Please dial 138 for complaints regarding cleaning,food and water. They clean your coach and solve water problems within 20-30 minutes. Also you may complain through Mobile App.

  12. Pune Patna express departure from Pune On 20 June 2015 is unnecessary delayed at Allahabad jn..some passengers says it is very comman problem for this train particularly Allahabad junction

  13. I am a resident of Yeshwantpur (Bangalore) and the trains in the yeshwantpur station make unreasonably long noises(honking) even at night. We always have to deal noise wherever we go and this noise only makes it worse for the residents in that area. And there is a piece of land infront of the auto stand which the drivers use freely as an open public urinal. We paid alot of money for the view and we see people peeing , sometimes five men together openly. It also stinks as bad as the guy peeing. I have no idea who i should tell, so pls do something about this. IRCTC has no complaints mail id.

  14. Complain on Parking lot at Yeshwantpur railway station:

    Parking incharge are charging money for even pick and drop which does not even take more than 10 min, they say that charges are authorized by Railways but it has been noticed that this rule is only for non kanadigas alone. I had to pay Rs20/- just for sendoff my relatives to Yeshwantpur railway station as I parked the car in front of railway platform, if we refuse to pay or ask for the receipt parking incharge inform that there are no receipts at present due to some reason and never hand over the receipt.

      • Respected sir,we are booked executive b retiring rooms at Bangalore city railwaystation .it was very worst mantainance. Fully of rats,mosquito,coackroaches, and the bath room have holes and no hot water, .the tv is not working. There is no maintaince. The cost of room is 1500 rs per day.cost Is huge price.the maintaince was so number is9346202282

        • Please Dial 138 for this kind of Compliant. If problem still not solved then Use Twitter to Send compliant to Railway Ministry.

  15. I have traveled from mughalsarai to lucknow on 7th July’15 PNR no 634259XXXX my seat was not confirmed 5 no.waiting in 2nd AC, I have asked for seat, but TTE replied that he is not have any seat, but TTE was allow to another person in coach, TTE ne mujhe seat nhi diya aur genral ticket walo se paise le kr unhe seat de diya..TTE named R.K.S YADAV… TRAIN NO:- 12369 when I asked why he replied that don’t argue with me behaving like that I am a beggar. My complaint is against the contractor on varanasi
    Waiting for positive reply.

  16. We jurning from Muzzafarpur to phagwara train no.15708 dt 08.07our berth no.20 About night 11 PM one family confirm berthS/2 seat no.7 But GRstaffe misbehavior this family and check out the berth by forsly and captring the berth S/2 7 and not any TT available 12 Pm to 2.30 AM

    • Please keep note, Passenger have right to complaint regarding any kind of trouble/misbehave etc under railway premises.

      Immediately dial this centralized toll free Indian railway helpline number: 138 and 182. They will provide help within hour (If RPF/GRP available in the train then they contact you immediately or next station Railway police provide necessary help)

  17. I m traveling with garib rath 12203 from shc to ndla i m in G3 coach here ac is not working.n no one is here for listen this problem

    • File an Complaint Online regarding this. Also you may file TDR with details(All matter and compliant number etc) if you booked ticket with

      Remembered for Any help while in train dial toll free 138 and for security help dial 182. For on the registered your complained.

  18. Today I am travelling in A 2, dated 25th August 2015, pnrPNR 8526137874
    Train : 12101 – JNANESWARI DELX . Due to some leg problem I changed my seat in A2 33 from Ha1 18. But I was shocked to see that one lady in seat no 31 Of A2 .. carrying 11 pieces of luggage. .!! I , complained to TT as well as A2 attendant but they both didn’t take any action. As per irctc law ‘L’.. of excess luggage .. it is chargeable and she should pay to irctc according to law. But unfortunately irctc staff is nothing but a useless and senior authorities of irctc must take this complain seriously .

    • File your complaint Online and also mention the TT and attended Name who not taking your complaint. You may also make this kind of suggestion to railway Online if you don’t want file complaint.

  19. We travelled from Jhansi to Mumbai by Punjab Mail, Train No.12138 (PNR.2850944565), the Cleanliness in the Coach was not good at all/pathetic. There was small Rat running around in and out of our bags. Also the Bathrooms were dirty and smelly. The Seat cover of the English Sitting Pot at the Washroom was broken and fallen down, even when the Train had stopped at Junctions where in the Cleanliness Staff did not bother to clean the toilet or bother to lift the toilet seat. We had to buy Toilet Tissues/Rolls and use to sit on the Pot. The Wash basin was unclean and not Washed. There was dirt visible on the windows as though it has not been dusted for long. please look into the cleanliness. IT WAS NOT WORTH A JOURNEY TO BE TRAVELLED BY TRAIN AT ALL.

  20. I am writing to you in connection with train no 12322 CSTM To HOWRAH Via ALD/GAYA I am trying to book the tickets for journey date 02/04/2016 from MUMBAI To GAYA direct train, but for the month of APRIL,2016 all the Trains shows cancelled till date, This train runs a weekly. we doesn’t have any other option instead of this (Mumbai Howrah Mail via ALD/GAYA) direct train.So I requested Railway Ministry to look in to this matter & resolve the same
    by continuing the train ( 12322 & 12321 ) MUMBAI-HOWRAH & Howrah Mumbai) below herewith same for your reference.

    You Queried For
    Train Number Train Name Date
    (DD-MM-YYYY) Source Station Destination Station Quota Code

    S.No. Date (DD-MM-YYYY) Class – 1A Class -2A





    LEGENDS:- GN-General, PQ-Pooled Quota, RL-Remote Location, DP-DutyPass, RS-Roadside, CK-Tatkal, YU-Yuva, PT-Premium Tatkal

    For viewing availability in other existing classes, Click Here to select other classes

    Kindly sort out the same & Start the above train for conveniance of People.

  21. Yesterday I have purchased two veg meal from Kolkata railway station IRCTC Comesum Food Plaza Rs. 390.90/Billno. T-373 and T-381/It was totally pathetic!!!/1st staff behaviour both cash and delivery worst and then packing was bad and damaged all food/last of all those food material totally bad condition. I don’t know how they attached with like govt organisation. We all were totally empty food on Kanchanyan kanya train whole night due to those bakwas service. Bullsheet IRCTC Canteen service.

  22. Sir ,
    I m travelling now in train-22686.Here the cater are looting the people. They have their own menu.Tea they are charging rs 10,Normal meal 100,non veg meal 120.But as per IRCTC tea is 5 and normal veg meal is 45.These caterer are arguing with people. They are telling this bill has been set by there manager.
    Sir do the needful and penalized these caterer. Otherwise we people will be cheated.

  23. In Coimbatore Railway Station, I parked my 2 Wheeler on 16th night 11 pm. When I return on 18th night 2 am, they asked me to pay additional 40 Rs in addition to Rs 20, which was paid at the time of parking. They forcibly collected it with gundas and I was not able to defend with them. Parking for 26 hrs (1 hr on 16th, 24 hr on 17th, 2 hr on 18th), I was forced to pay Rs 60. Is this is the rule?

    • File an Compliant on Online Portal with all details like Parking slip, ticket/pass, train details etc… After Complaint you will get tracking code that you can check the status of your complaint in future.

  24. Durg Ambikapur (18241)-coach number S2,S3 toilet is pathetic, i don’t know about other coach but some one should she how dirty the coach lab can be in Indian railways.

  25. I am staying in retiring room of Dhanbad railway station. On 24th january 2016 in the morning i found out that water is not coming in bathroom. I complained about it to care taker but still the same after even lapse of 2 hours.

  26. on last 20th January 2016 I boarding from Sealdah for Duttapukur with valid ticket. A hand luggage of 10-12 kgs are with me. A TTE fine me for this luggage and as on the time I refuse to give any fine for my luggage, so he slap me and forcibly collected Rs. 50 with receipt. I went to Sealdah GRP to lodge a complain about this incident. but they are refuse to accept any complain and misbehave with me.

    I am Rakesh Sen, 9239411377 resideing at Duttapukur, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.

  27. Hi,

    This is prahlad I am traveling from ndls to ghy through 12506 ne Express, today, 29/02/2016, nex station kishanganj.

    This complain is regarding, our coach, S1 seat 69 and unavailability of water/mobile rechrge point and bathroom is very derty in our coach. Kindly do the needful.

  28. Hi,

    This is prahlad I am traveling from ndls to ghy through ne Express, today, 29/02/2016,

    This complain is regarding, our coach, S1 seat 71 pnr no 2543724384. and unavailability of water/mobile rechrge point and bathroom is very derty in our coach. Kindly do the needful.

    • While Journey for Food/Cleanness Etc Dial 138 toll free number you will get quick and confirmed Reply. Before Dial Keep Ready your PNR and Details….

      Thank you

  29. I m travelling on train no. 12238 begampura express. from Lucknow to Banaras in coach B1.
    Since morning itself the coache is extremely dirty with water and all inside coach. The toilets are also very dirty. Don’t feel like walking inside coach. the switch board of cabin of seat 12,13,14 is also not working.
    Please see to it that such unclean coaches create a v bad impression.

    • For Cleanness Matter Now Railway Passenger get Quick Response for Dial 138 Toll Free Number.

      Even as on all type Ticket Now Printed this Number. So while Journey Dial this Number if any cleanness/Catering Complaints…

  30. Hello sir my name is jignesh nd now I m travelling in karmavati train number 12933 on date 05/03/2016. My seat no is b8- 98 . I m buying ice cream from railway catering serivice s. His is name iS NADUPAL that vadilal ice cream mrp price is 15 nd they r charging 20 rs . I m asking for that but he says LENA HO TO LO 20RS KA HI MILEGA. Is this kind of service by provide indiand railway. U have to take some serious action against him.

    • Dial 139 Toll Free for Made any kind of Food Related Complaints. Once you made compliant you will also get the reply about the progress of your complaints.

      Try Once to Make Services Batter.
      Thank you.

  31. Hi,
    Currently I m traveling in Unchahar train & no 14217, class SL coach SE1.
    All r facing issue of electricity, this coach having no supply of electricity.
    Kindly look into the same & need to be resolve that issue.
    Travling from Allahabad to New Delhi.

    • Please Dial 138 give them PNR and Details they Respond and Solve it very Quickly, Don’t Worry it’s so easy and Fast….

      If they not respond or etc, and the matter still not Solve Give me the PNR will Send it to Rail Ministry by Twitter, you can also Do it…

      Thank you….

  32. I have booked Retiring room in ujjain, worst condition and cockroaches are there inside retiring room. what to do, how to lodge complaint?

  33. I’m Disha
    Travelling from durg to Ujjain in train no.18243 in AC two tier
    The bed roll facilities are very disappointing.
    There are no attendants,Water is not supplied ,Cooling was way too much
    Indian railways charge so much fare so do provide adequate services


    • Thank you for Comment, Foe any type Catering complaint please dial 138 toll free, they are take N/A quickly. If still not satisfied drop tweet to Rail Ministry with details.

  34. Dear Madam/Sir,

    I would like to complain about pathetic local train services provided by south eastern railway (Howrah-Kharagpur . In general, every train service is late. In spite of any
    reason, many times, signal is not given by railways staffs; I assume that its a complete failure of railways staffs which should be look after immediately by higher authority. Situation now comes like that many company first denies to provide job if you come by south eastern railways as everyone always late for this train service. Please kindly help to send this complain to the higher authority.

  35. Sir,
    I am travelling with my familyfrom chennai to ernakulam in the train 12697, in reserved coach of S2, but there is no TTE came for checking, because of no checking and unavailability of TTE many unreserved passengers were getting in the reserved coaches. Nowadays there were many examples of thefts, etc., is happening in trains. Still the government officials are taking it very silly.

  36. Hi, I am travelling on 12722 train now
    A2- Dakshin Express- SEat no 21, 22
    (from NAgpur to Vijayawada dt: 19 April 2016). the attender denied giving the bedroll mentioning that its not available and exhausted.
    What should I do now. we are paying money for the services and if the service is not rendered, we should get back our money. Also how to manage without bedroll? I heard railways responding promptly and in the next station they are resolving the problem. Let me see if they solve my problem.

  37. I have booked my bike hero Honda splendor pro from MAU Jn to Barmer via BSB , JU on 25 Mar 16 but as on 19 Apr 16 has not yet delivered.
    My bilty No is 501890 dated 25 Mar 16.

  38. Dear sir.

    I am travelling in a yeshwanthpur gorakpur exp in sleeper coach the peoples taking waiting ticket and they r rashly coming in

    For the seat bookers there is no space to walk to bathroom
    Please make this point to be noted nd solve this problem as fast as posible

    U may contact me my no is 09666145028

  39. Train r running very late now a days. If the person having emergency he can’t reach at time. So there is the need of taking an action against. I am a passenger of train no.58215 ,Jharsuguda-Raipur pass. Yesterday Dt.27/04/2016 in Deogaon Railway station arrived this train at 5.20 PM and departure at 6.15PM. All the a passenger include me went to station master for enquiry for delay of train , and why detained so much time? Drunken Station Master including his staffs misbehaves us and said that what happen if train is late? Why you all are coming this train ? Go to others sources like Bus or Private Vehicle We are not Responsible for your security and safety travel. This kind of behave are common to we face regularly.Intentionaly station master detain this train regularly . All others train are passing in similar Direction also Goods but our train is standing.We are belongs to western Odisha these days here the temperatures are above 46 C. we are all facing heat and thirst due to detain maximum time. Please enquiry this matter and take some necessary action…

    • Please Tweet this to Railway Ministry….I think the only way to take action on those misbehavior staff and must mention they are drunken and all.

      Go to Tweeter and Tweet to @RailMin

    • Please Dial 138 they Solve this, After Compliant you not found solution you may put complained through Tweeter to Rail Ministry, Must mention your contact number and PF Etc. We can also forward your Tweet if you share details here.

  40. Water is not available since Lucknow in coach no B1,train no 12356 Archana attendant said water will not available till end destination. train now departure from mugalsarai but still not single drop water available in this compartment. hopeless to rail or train management.pnr no 2760722074

  41. I’m travelling from Bangalore to Surat in train num 16534 Bangalore Jodhpur Exp
    B3 seat number 44&41 with family
    Mishaviour by train staff of Prarmeshwar Singh with my family

    • Please Dial 182 RPF Security and lodge your Complaint, or Tweet to Rail Ministry @RailMin in Both Option You will get Quick Reply with Best Support. Try it….

  42. Hi I am krishna deo
    On 26 May 16, I booked ac dormitary 1a & 1b for resting at hazarat Nizammuddin rly stn but whole day I get disturb by passanger and attainder. Basically passanger is not aware of dormatory and giving money to attainder chap and than freshing in bath room. Kindly help me where to complain.

  43. In duronto exp 12245 / 12246 both have shortage of water in toilets , not clean , no mug in toilets , water logging in toilets , low quality of food etc . we do not expect such things in express trains .

  44. I am a passenger from ujjain to bandra mumbai. The scheduled departure is 2310hrs. I came here at 2130hrs. The waiting room for upper class AC is not functioning. Initially I was informed that the train is late by 45 minutes. Then afterwards they had informed 70 minutes and subsequently 140 minutes. In this technology era why could not we be informed of the delay by message to mobile etc. Also the condition of waiting rooms need to be reviewed. I hope concerned authorities will look in to the matter.
    2nd AC berth no. 25
    Train no. 01706

  45. Dear sir , I am travelling from mumbai to delhi in Rajdhani Express , the food quality is very bad including refreshment.In coach no B 3 , no one had their dinner today (3/06/2016 ).

    • As Clearly Mention on my Website for Food Complaints Dial 138 and Made your complaint they will provide solution/solve/help within hour.

  46. I am travelling from nandigram express in 3AC coach, there is no catering service, I call your emergency services no. but they said don’t distrub us, what the wrong it is going, they talk to me very rude….I call on 182 twice and they were from Nagpur station . Plzz punish them …how they talk rudely to us…it’s not fine…I will need emergency drinking water as I don’t have , but how will they talk….it’s total disagree with railway services..

  47. Sub: Complaint against the DIRTY PILLOWS, DIRTY BLANKETS (Blanket Stamps of last
    wash on April 2015 ) Used and torn BED Sheets and HIGH COST FOOD Service in 3
    TIER AC Coaches in KALKA Mail
    Ref: PNR NO. 2317479652 dated 21/ 06/ 2016 and all previous journeys minimum 08 times
    a year by KALKA Mail to and from Kalka mostly 3 TIER AC.
    Sir I have almost lost patience like many others—“IT IS USELESS TO LODGE COMPLAINTS” But again I pray on behalf of all thr INDIAN passengers of KALKA MAIL to help us from SKIN DISEASES/ RASHES’ infected from such DIRTY BEDS and BLANKETS and paying DOUBLE the COST of food when TWO Nights and TWO days one has to travel helplessly one cannot drop down to the station platform for buying food and DIE in possible Accidents…. Specially the KIDS and OLDIES !!!

    • Please Dial 138 Toll Free and Make compliant they will solve and take action according rules.

      Please Do compliant next time while journey.

  48. Hello,
    As i been calling on the no. 139 for enquiry.. accoring to options i clicked and when the time came to take to a Concern person he/she keep the phone beside i can clearly hear the people sound taking about there personal thing but they are least bouther to solve our problems… whe we call they pick up and keep phone beside… INDIAN RAILWAY IS Very BAD…. THATS Y INDIA IS SO SLOW…..DUE TO GOVT EMPLOYEE WE AAAM PUBLIC SUFFERING…. MR. MODIJI PLEASWE TAKE SOME ACTION ON RAILWAY MINISTRY SO THAT THIS TYPE OF NONSENCE THEY WILL NOT CONTINUE

  49. I have been booked my luggage on 13 July 16 from Guwahati to Durgapur (jha jha express as self booking) but still it has not reached in destination.. and I tried several times to contact with them all the time jutha Aswasan .. Bhaiya we are sending your luggage soon… MA Choudhury

  50. Sir, we the employees travelling in 12796/12795 BZA intercity very frequently, in this train maintenance of toilets is very poor. we are unable to sit in the coach itself. There is no regular water facility also. Kindly maintain it properly and make the INDIA Swacha Bharath

  51. Bloddy hell!!!!!! Whom should I complain for strict action against coach attendant of 22487 (B 3) 03/08/2016…. This fellow was sleeping and when asked for bedding he simply said that it will be given only after TC confirms my seat.

    • Dial 138 and Do Complaint, If not Satisfied then Send Tweet to Rail Ministry through your Tweeter Account, IN both Case you will Get Relevant Strict Actions.

  52. Hello Irctc Care,

    Regarding ticket cancellation of PNR:4222201022.

    I’ve got the train reschedule message from ‘VK-IRSMSA’ as on 30/07/2016 evening that states “TRAIN NO. 06336 KCVL-GHY SPL TRAIN SCHEDULED TO LEAVE KCVL AT 12:00 HRS ON 31.07.2016 IS RESCHEDULED TO LEAVE KCVL AT 09:00 HRS ON 01.08.2016”

    It seems the train is delayed by 21:00 hours nearly one day. Hence i’ve called customer care (138 & 139) at 12:55 on 31/07/2016 to know the e-ticket cancellation procedures. She told, for e-tickets you have to send only email and gave me this email ‘’ for e-ticket cancellation.

    However i’ve sent an email to above given email ID at the moment itself as on 31/07/2016 at 13:09.

    As per the Railway rules i’ve made the ticket cancellation before 20 hours (i.e. 31.07.2016 at 13.09) from the scheduled train departure. However the train is departing as on 01.08.2016 09:00 hours.

    But now i’m getting reply from ‘’ that “No refund of fare shall be admissible on having confirmed reservation in case ticket is not cancelled or TDR not filed online”.

    Could you please check and do the needful by refund the amount asap.

    Thanks & Regards
    Thiyagarajan S

  53. Worst AC waiting room at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station near to platform number 1. No AC is working and cooling temperature in AC is 17 degree but the room temperature is near about 30. Guys please rename it as waiting room.

  54. My pnr no 6757863574. Booked retiring room no4 at Durg stn. Charged Rs 900/-for 24 hrs for non ac room.worst condition of room. Flushing cistern is not working shower is broken dampness in walls.condition of bed and bed sheets are horrible.

  55. i am at present in D- 7 of Tapovan Express Mumbai to Nasik 12th Aug 2016 6.15 am dep at CST. Flooring is wet with water logged., seats are wet.Jayant Chheda

  56. Train no. 12311/ Howrah Delhi Kalka Mail is running late each and everyday. It is a sorrowful development for Indian Railways. Why can’t Indian Railway take necessary action to improve train reaching times. Its my humble request to the Indian Railways to take necessary action for right time train schedule for the Mail / Express / Passengers train.

    Thanking you.

  57. hello sir,
    my name is ankur agrawal.i am currently in train no. 18239,s4 seat no.3.(pnr 6255982873)Condition of my berth is poor than a toilet seat.When i compalint to T.T. he advised me to clean by myself as irctc is not responsible for it but i forgot to bring harpic and toilet brush with me.thank u irctc for charging all the money with all the taxes and such a beautiful service.I wish digital india really works.
    A common man

    • Mr Ankur for this kind of compliant handle by 138 toll free number So next time for this kind cleaning, Catering etc services dial 138 and For Security Dial 182.

      Also Please Send your this compliant to Rail ministry through your Tweeter Account also mention your contact details and TT Name.
      If you are unable to send this to Rail Ministry Share your contact details here we send your compliant to Rail Ministry.

  58. Unusual late running of train no. 12864, on 1/9/16 which is beyond expectations. Schedule arrival time 6.10 but till 8.10 the train could not reach.

  59. My PNR detail is “PNR:22219AAeeC,TRAIN:22414,DOJ:02-09-16,3A,NZM-ST,Dep:10:55,
    Fare:1835,SC:46.0+PG CHGS”. AC waiting room at Nizamuddin station so poor. There are none of AC working, none of attandent, toilets are too dirty etc etc. AC waiting room like a labour room.
    I have stayed from 8.00 AM on 02/09/2016 in this waiting room.

  60. I’m passenger of Aldduronto Expresse toilet r dirty n rain water is coming frm window n curtains n blanket r vry dirty n it has power failure at 2pm no complaint numbers r working all r switch of wt a common man will do if thr emergency

    • If Problem with 138 Toll Free Then Send Tweet to Rail ministry with all details like matter,PNR,Contact details you will get reply very soon with strict actions.

  61. No regulation on reaching time of train.Archana express ,train is almost late for more than 12 hours this a service indian railway.this is especially for vaishnodevi darshan..and almost full pack with passengers..dated 4 sep 2016

  62. Good Morning! Left behind my SPECTACLES (White Arms) in the middle berth of S6-21 of Train 12623 @ ALUVA, Kerala, when alighted in a hurry. Informed / Lodged the complaint with ALUVA Station Master and given my contact details. Kindly help me get the same. Thanking you in anticipation.

  63. sir ! from bhubaneswar to jammu no direct train availabel ,so peoples suffering during journey from this route
    reson in bhubaneswar their are many colleges so many students reaches every year to study but they are suffering also this problem
    and it is not student also a person so
    other changing train plain their are also non avilable seat present other train
    second reson is jammu is also a idol place
    and puri also idol place

  64. My ticket no. 52373574.stabdi express. 3/10/26. Coach C13. Seat 9. I bought my ticket at tourist reservation counter at your office at Church gate. On29/9/16. I had asked for 1st class and I paid RS.895 being senior citizen. Upon arrival at Railway Station I found I had seat in 2nd class. Why I was given second class when I had asked for 1st class? My e mail address

  65. Manmad station booking staff Mrs artikar harassing passenger for change,.not capable to do work.It’s bad reputation of railway.bad manner.wrost language used.very arrogant.experience dated 25:10:2016 at 9:10 pm.Plz reply me the improvement status.Plz schedule n time also.

  66. My self is shammi kumar currentely suffering in bhuj -barraily exp. With my family seat s/8-41&44.main abhi last 1 hour se bhachau station par train statrt hone ka wait kar raha hoon raat ke 12:30 ho rahe hain jabki ye time train ko about abu- road station hona chaiye.itna wait karne ke baad bhi kisi parkar ki allownsment bhachu station ki taraf se nahi ki gayi hai hum sabhi train mai bahut harrashment feel kar rahain hai please i reaquest to railway board take care of bhuj-barrailey train & answer me.

  67. Delhi mumbai rajdhani b5 sit 12345 27/10/2016
    Ac are not working Night sift staf are live and sleep im call this number 1800111321322
    But number is not

  68. today we are travelling from danapur to nagpur by tr no 12792 vender demand120 rupees for simple veg thali (two paratha two types of vegetable some rice dal and chutney) .our pnr no is 615-7391321

  69. I am a passenger of 11006, S7 71 travelling from puducherry to Belgaon. In the coach there are three cleaning people but they are not doing any thing. Simply sleeping from pondy. They are paid for doing nothing Why Sir. I am tax payer and very disappointed to see the use of our hard money as tax. It is really not acceptable at all. Can you take any action against them without telling my identity.
    Hope, you can understand the issue and take action accordingly. These are from A 2 Z group. Fyi, I have taken photos of sleeping at day time.

  70. The pantry car staff of karnavati express sell food items on train. But they refuse to collect waste generated from it.
    No cleaner is on board this train.
    Result dirty coaches. Back pockets of seats are filled with foil packs, glasses, plates etc.
    Specially a nuisance for passengers who board midway from stations like Surat.
    When staff is making money by selling food, is it not their duty to collect waste generated from it???

    • Complaint made through sms at 5.40pm was resolved at 7.30pm at Baroda station. Till then what??? Is this idea of “Swacch Bharat”.

      T.C. was also complained to. But informed us that he had passed on complaint and that’s it. “Humne hamara kaam kar diya”. He did not direct any on board staff to clean up.

  71. sir, i am travelling in train no 12561 i. e swatntra senani supar fast express. this train is delayed by approx 10 hours. what is this? travel time btwn allhabad nd kanpur is 2:30 minutes and it took 7 hours. sir this is not fare with passengers u should know how much problem we people are facing. please do something sir

  72. Okay… As indian railway wrotes that we have all the way just need awareness to follow them.,come and……… I m with you… Wht the hell u hv write here… Plzz once…. Can anyone tell to me that… What action had taken by indian railway for all those persons help who had wrote their problems here… If they ll hv aware for all problems then hitherto indian railway should hv to a new look bt nthng is this… Really whenever i did journey from haridwar to anywhere in SL reservation.. I never did journey with happily bcz in them general ticket person always lives sit on our seats and many times reserved person goes standby and general person goes easily… Bt here is no anyone staff as like police, railway for help… Really bullshit railway service…. Today also m doing journey in too much trouble even i hv reservation in s6 coach… Bt no one is here for help…

    • You can Dial 182 for Help if Still No Action send Tweet to Rail Ministry directly using Tweeter, Please put trust almost all people are getting quick reply with best Solutions/Actions.

  73. Sir, I just purchased one bottle of water from stall no. 2 m/s express, food service, platform no-2,Ranchi Jharkhand . I have paid 20 rs for one bottle.
    Please take necessary action.

  74. Respected sir ,
    I m doing complain about the colony developer . Sir I’m live in maksi junction there I show thay man who work in platform and colony that not doing accurate work .Actually sir I’m civil Engineer and I know what’s a work ( Fiting kiya stone ) . When I ask him sir what are you doing .thay said we paid the railway man to doing wrong work it’s not your business get out . ( jis ko bolna h bolo Hum n pese diye hn jhak Nhi marai or aage wale bap un ko bhi Kaila padta hai Sai kam karenge. To kamaynge Kya ) sir tall me what should I tall him thay are right or our railway corrupt that’s way thay Right

    Thanx Name -Er. Anand Bais
    Mo. 8871915781

  75. The bedroll for 3AC was not given for e and ma dad frm Salem to Coimbatore **** irritated for the negligence …then Dnt try to charge high

  76. I m journing dnb to ctc in 12831coach -g3/ complain is that towel is not given with bed role to any passenger of this coach.when i asked attendant,his reply was he has not clean towel.

  77. I m at Rajkot railway station, a shop named RAIL AHAR persons sell samosa 20 Rs 2 samosa n puff 20 Rs per piece n water 20 rs per bottle.. in list they mentioned water 15 , samosa 16rs 2 piece n puff 5 rs. Please take action

  78. Sir my train upasana exp cancelled on 3rd dec2016.ticket was from HW to Mughalsarai. It was a counter Ticket booked in Risikes. It was a night journey train.But I couldn’t get the refund. So kindly solve it to get my refund. My pnr is 2053590.

  79. The facility given by Indian railway in first class waiting room is very worst,door doesn’t closed and there is no heater for heating the room.

  80. my train sealdah rajdhani dated 11th Dec. 16 from Ndls to Sealdah and about to reach Gaya. Bearth No B2 57 and 60. The train attendant offered rancid food whereas in other compartment they have offered quality of food. Since train is running late by more than 15 hrs..we have not eaten anything….On complaining Pantry manager replies, “hum kharab kahan denge….Jisko complaint karna hai kar lo”….

    I want to know how such behaviour and services would be compensated and what disciplinary action would be taken in this regard….In the name of service…Railway has increased the fair….but the matter of fact is…nothing has changes…neither service nor quality…

  81. मैं समस्तीपूर जः में हू । यहाॅ ट्वलेट का रेट लिस्ट 2 रू होने के बाबजूत 10 रू लिया जाता है ।

  82. Haam kgp adra line ke daily passenger hai. Down Hatiya pass.job gri maidan stn pe rukkti. o everyday kisi vi karan daily approx 1hrs detain hota hai. Lakein esi stn mee addressing system rahete huya koi announcement nahin kiya jata hai KGP entry honeme bilamb hogi. Rly staffs sailent rahete hai. Aap logo ke pass nibedan hai ghosna kare ki train detain hone ki Karan. Passenger keep swarth ke liya announcement kiya jaya.

  83. I booked retiring room at Bhubaneshwar railway station. After checking in I found that the room is infested with bed bugs. Asked the supervisor and he told that allac as well as non AC rooms have bed bugs. I checked with deputy station manager and they told that it,s a known issue and no permanent issue has been found. I tried to cancel the room online for which I am getting zero refund. Now finally waiting in AC waiting hall for my train which is 3 hrs from now. Just wasted my hard earned money on a useless service from railways.