Railways has extended the run of 14705/14706Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Sujangarh Express Train upto Bhagat Ki Kothi with immediate effect as per the following programme: –

The timings o­n the extended portion of Train no. 14705/14706 between Sujangarh and Bhagat Ki Kothi are as under:

Train no. 14705 Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Bhagat Ki KothiExpress will arrive at Sujangarh at 01.40 p.m.(as per existing timings) to depart from there at 01.43 p.m. Continuing its o­nwards journey, this train will reach Bhagat Ki Kothi at 07.15 p.m.

In the return direction, Train No. 14706 Bhagat Ki Kothi- Delhi Sarai Rohilla Express will originate from Bhagat Ki Kothi at 09.55 a.m. to reach Sujangarh at 03.00 p.m. Thereafter it will depart from Sujangarh at 03.03 p.m. to continue its o­nward journey to Delhi Sarai Rohilla as per existing timings.

The train will stop at Ladnun, Didwana, Chhoti Khatu, Deggana, Merta Road Jn and Jodhpur stations enroute in both the directions in the extended portion.


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Extended the run of 14705/14706 Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Sujangarh Express upto Bhagat Ki Kothi
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