Book All Type Retiring Rooms at Surat Railway Station

Yes On Surat Railway Station Almost all Type Retiring Room available, Also You can Book Retiring Room Per Hour Basis. Retiring Can be Book Both By Online through Website or Offline by Walk-in to Railway Station.

Current Surat Railway Station

09055 surat patna premium superfast special train
Future Surat Railway Station as Per News
PICS: This is how <span class="r_smb">R</span> 3000 crore Surat Railway Station will look like
New Proposals of Surat Railway Station in International Look

Surat Railway Station code ST, Surat Railway Station is also 1st in Gujarat & 2nd most earning Railway Station in Mumbai Division, Western Railways.

Surat’s railway station is now under round-the-clock surveillance. The cameras have been installed on platforms, ticketing areas and other strategic spots.

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) will take responsibility of cleaning of Surat railway station from 1st April. Surat will thus become the first municipal corporation to take responsibility of cleaning of local railway station in entire India. (Source News Website)

Surat is One of the Railway Station Where you Can Book Retiring Room in Hour Basis. Retiring Charges are Shown Below.

Dormitory Bed Charges: Rs 250 for 24 Hrs AC Retiring Room and Rs 150 for 24 Hrs Non AC Retiring Room with Amenities Geyser, Cooler, Western/Indian Toilet.

With AC Rs 180 for 12 Hrs and Rs 95 Hours for Non AC Dormitory Bed Charges.

Double Bed Deluxe Retiring Room Charges: Rs 760  for 24 Hours with AC, Geyser, Cooler, Western/Indian Toilet.

Approx Rs 30 for Per Hour Double Bed AC Deluxe Room Charges.

Hourly Fare Break-up
S.No. No. of Hours Charges in % of Base Tariff *
1 Upto 3 25
2 4-6 40
3 7-9 50
4 10-12 60
5 13-15 70
6 16-18 80
7 19-21 90
8 22-24 100
9 Beyond 24 hrs As per above
10 48 200
11 25-27 125
12 28-30 140
13 31-33 150
14 34-36 160
15 37-39 170
16 40-42 180
17 43-45 190
18 46-48 200


Below is the List of Retiring Rooms Type and Position as Per Western railway Website

Type Of Retiring Room No of Bed
1 AC DELUX Retiring ROOM 2

Please contact the Station Manager/Matron for exact availability of Retiring Rooms

Book All Type Retiring Rooms at Surat Railway Station

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