06543/06544 Yesvantpur-Coimbatore BI-Weekly express

South Western Railway is pleased to announce to run Bi-Weekly Express Special Trains between Yesvantpur-Coimbatore-Yesvantpur (Train Nos.06543/06544) (Via Bellary, for 15 trips in each direction, for two months, to clear extra rush of traffic during Summer, as per the following timings and other details:–

Accordingly, Train No.06543 Yesvantpur-Coimbatorebi-Weekly Express Special will depart from YESVANTPUR at23-30 hrs. on Friday & Wednesdays, commencing from 10th April, 2015to 29th May, 2015 and arrive at COIMBATORE Station at07-30 hrs., the next day.

En route, the Bi-Weekly Express Special will depart at Krishnarajapuram at 00-05/00-07 hrs; Bangarapet at 00-55/00-57 hrs; Kuppam at 01-30/01-31 hrs; depart at Jolarpettai A cabin at 02-30 hrs; arrive/depart at Tirupattur at 02-38/02-40 hrs; Salem at 04-05/04-10 hrs; Erode at 05-20/05-25 hrs; and arrive/depart at Tiruppur at 06-08/06-10 hrs. on Saturdays & Thursdays.

On the return direction, Train No.06544 coimbatore-Yesvantpur Bi-Weekly Express special will depart at COIMBATORE station at19-30 hrs. on Saturday & Thursdays, commencing from 11th April, 2015to30th May, 2015 and arrive at Yesvantpur station at 03-15 hrs., the next day.

En route, the Bi-Weekly Express Special will depart at Tiruppur at 20-08/20-10 hrs; Erode at 21-05/21-10 hrs; Salem at 22-05/22-10 hrs; Tirupattur at 23-53/23-55 hrs; depart at Jolarpettai A Cabin at 00-30 hrs; arrive/depart at Kuppam at 00-57/00-58 hrs; Bangarapet at 01-28/01-30 hrs; and arrive/depart at Krishnarajapuram at 02-18/02-20 hrs., on Sundays & Fridays.

The Bi-Weekly Express Special will have Total 19 Coaches, consisting Two AC 2-tier coaches, Three AC 3-tier coaches, Eight Second Class Sleeper coaches, Four General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake vans.

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06543/06544 Yesvantpur-Coimbatore BI-Weekly express
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